Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bucket Lists...

I think I have a cynical view on bucket lists. I understand the idea of bucket lists, I just need to throw this thought out there…

It seems to me that most people claim things to their bucket list after they have decided to do them.

Person 1:
“I am going parasailing next month. BUCKET LIST!”
“Cool. Good for you!”
Internal thought: That is strange, I have never heard (insert name) mention this before. Parasailing is super random. Maybe if he/she had said skydiving… but even that. 

I have decided that people wait until they have accomplished something big, or are about to, and then say things like: “Heck yeah! I can check that off my bucket list!”

I find human nature fascinating. I guess we just like to feel a sense of accomplishment.

My bucket list now contains:
- Traveling abroad
- Starting a blog
- Working for a non-profit
- Coaching a state champion cheerleading squad

Pretty cool right!? If I ever do anything noteworthy, I will join the rest of America by adding it to my list of things to-do before kicking the bucket. You know, so I can brag about it!


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