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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Leather pants like Ross Geller.

Yesterday I saw 4ish posts about leather pants. I live in the Pacific NW and am not as bold with my fashion as many. There are plenty of folks here who are, it is just that my city is pretty casual. Because of this, I do not rock a full leather pant. I have my own toned down NW version though, leggings with faux leather panels up the side. They are as bold as I’m probably going to get.

I love them because they make me feel sassy. They also make me feel like I am channeling my fave character from Friends, Ross Geller. So ridiculous and perfectly pathetic!

I love Ross and his leather pants:
- Fart noises on the couch
- Shrinking from the sweat/ legs expanding from the heat
- Powder to absorb the moisture
- Lotion to get them back up

…Poor Ross. How could he know that the lotion and powder would make a PASTE!?!

Anywho, I plan on wearing my leggings often. Especially now that fall is here! Luckily these leggings will also help keep me from a "Ross like" situation. Don't worry, I will check on you full leather pants people if you haven’t come back from the bathroom. I will always assume you are potentially coated in a baby powder/ lotion paste.

PS. If you say Ross isn't your favorite character, you are lying. Or you haven’t watched the whole series. The divorces, the leather pants, the kundis, the teeth, the spray tan, the margaritas. Seriously!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

When you look bad enough at the mall…

…the kiosk people don’t hound you to straighten your hair.

I found an old note in my iPhone that said just that. Obviously my experience affected me enough to literally “note it.”

Background to the scenario:
Quite a while ago I went to Washington Square Mall looking like total garbage. That day consisted of a Saturday morning workout, no make-up was involved and we were in a season where any traces of a tan were completely gone. Basically, I looked rather scary. In turn, I was not approached by a single kiosk person. Not even the creepy hand lotion one or Proactiv.

On another note, have you been to the mall lately? Is it just me, or has the idea of the mall drastically lost its luster? Remember the middle school days of loitering in Claire’s or Sam Goody? So awesome.

Yes, the mall is incredibly productive because multiple stores you need to go to are all in the same place. But lately it just sucks! I hate how I feel after I go to the mall. If I am going to spend an obscene amount of money on clothes and cosmetics, I would much prefer to do my shopping in surroundings that I enjoy. The harsh fluorescents of an indoor mall are not my jam.

Don’t get me wrong! I shop at the mall. Usually Pioneer Place though, that way I am able to enjoy the city... as I am forced to walk 2 blocks up to Nordstrom. You know I am always tryna hit up Nords, Gap and H&M in the same shopping trip.

Am I the only one who is over the mall? I can’t help but think of how disappointed Cher Horowitz would be of me.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life is a collaboration.

Most of the people in my life are co-dependent. I mean this in the best way possible. For example, if something is going wrong, if I feel off, or if I just need to spill my guts and admit something, I have someone to call. Actually, if no one picks up or texts back I start to get anxious. Much of my life is done by collaboration. 

We can pretend that this only applies to real life scenarios like relationship qualms, career decisions etc. But in reality it also applies to “do I need this?” or “is this cute?” texts that get sent from the dressing room and occasionally from home.


The accompanying texts:  "Cute or not?" and "Cute? Not cute?"

The accompanying texts:  "Check out my cat! Checking out my pants too." and "Tell me or else."
Okay, embarrassing. But whatever. You know you do it too! 

Regardless, we need advice about a lot of things. More than that, we need accountability! When you share, ask and think, you are less likely to make a hasty decision and are more likely to pray about it.

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. - Proverbs 19:20

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Update

...No, not with Tina Fey. Although, that would be cool. And it is Tuesday... but whatevs. I am going to update you on the happenings of this past weekend.

This weekend turned out just perfect. Somehow I fit in shopping, skiing, laundry and working out. It was a miracle!

On my shopping trip there were some killer finds! I recommend you all take a trip to H&M shortly. I got this (in light turquoise and white) and these (in coral). No, I didn’t buy the pants in England, but the US Website didn’t have them listed. Anyway, stoked about my new clothes! Yayer! Also, two different people complimented my leopard print Claire's earrings. And one of them asked if they were Betsey Johnson! Haha! Uh... no, they were part of a 'buy one, get one' deal! Niiiice!

With Mama Jo while shopping with Sista Friend.

In case you were wondering, my mom is an animal on the mountain. She takes it easy when my dad is around, but this weekend she was game to go down a double black diamond with at least 6 inches of fresh powder! She is a bad ass. I am not going to lie… we both struggled a bit. We are used to sticking to the groomed runs. They can be steep and we manage just fine, but it is rare that either of us will navigate deep powder like that. We had a lot of fun though! We goofed around, got lost, ate donuts from Joe’s etc. All of the important Mt. Hood rituals.

It was a fantastic and rejuvenating weekend.

Oh, and happy first day of spring!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riding boots used strictly for walking.

Today is officially the last day of summer. I would normally be sad… but I just got new boots and I am dying to wear them! I will be okay if it cools off soon so I can break those bad boys in! Seriously, I am very excited about the boots. I know it is absurd… but at least I admit it. I wish I had a picture of me wearing them. But again, it is still too warm.

Here is what they look like online:

Ahhhhhh. They are just so lovely

They are called the 'Zayra' Boot. On the baby name website (hilar) that Google gave me when I searched the name Zayra, I learned that it means radiance. Something I plan on exuding whilst wearing the boots (and in turn picking up a man). Pretty cool beans right? Boots are a challenge for me to find… due to the issue of big calves (thank you Joanne). But these fit perfectly! It is like they were made for me! The fate of it all is adding to the anticipation of boot season.

Maybe I will do back-handsprings in them. Booya!