Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Leather pants like Ross Geller.

Yesterday I saw 4ish posts about leather pants. I live in the Pacific NW and am not as bold with my fashion as many. There are plenty of folks here who are, it is just that my city is pretty casual. Because of this, I do not rock a full leather pant. I have my own toned down NW version though, leggings with faux leather panels up the side. They are as bold as I’m probably going to get.

I love them because they make me feel sassy. They also make me feel like I am channeling my fave character from Friends, Ross Geller. So ridiculous and perfectly pathetic!

I love Ross and his leather pants:
- Fart noises on the couch
- Shrinking from the sweat/ legs expanding from the heat
- Powder to absorb the moisture
- Lotion to get them back up

…Poor Ross. How could he know that the lotion and powder would make a PASTE!?!

Anywho, I plan on wearing my leggings often. Especially now that fall is here! Luckily these leggings will also help keep me from a "Ross like" situation. Don't worry, I will check on you full leather pants people if you haven’t come back from the bathroom. I will always assume you are potentially coated in a baby powder/ lotion paste.

PS. If you say Ross isn't your favorite character, you are lying. Or you haven’t watched the whole series. The divorces, the leather pants, the kundis, the teeth, the spray tan, the margaritas. Seriously!


  1. LOVE THIS! I've heard a lot of people say Ross got annoying toward the end of the series and I don't get it. I think he only got funnier!

  2. You are brave!! I've actually been scared of leather pants since seeing that episode!! ;) I did have some pleather ones (turquoise!!) in freshman year of high school and they did get pretty hot and sweaty. I would like a pleather skirt, though!!

  3. That is too funny about Ross and his leather pants! Yikes.
    Last time I rocked leather pants, many many many years ago, I got soaked and couldn't get them off ha ha! The PNW is known for its rain :D (We've been having CRAZY weather lately!)

  4. it has somehow started to form a paste!

  5. I love leather panelling! So much more comfortable than leather pants!

  6. I am so far away from leather pants these days! But I love living in the PNW. When I took my 12-year old to VegFest a few weekends ago, she said something that expressed the general fashion attitudes here perfectly: "Mom, I love Portland - you can wear anything you want, and you're always wearing the right thing. You never feel too fancy or too casual. Everyone just wears what they wear." Love it. (Of course, like I said, that was at VegFest, and ComicCon was right next door, so...)

  7. The margarita's! I watched that episode the other day and I have to keep rewinding it to get all the laughs out.

  8. Also, I nominated you for the sunshine award ♥

  9. i do love ross. Whenever I think of leather pants I think of ross too!

  10. Ross is my favorite character - "on account of his rage"

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