Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch Post

It is clear that going to the pumpkin patch is a required activity. This is especially true in the NW. My feeds have been full of pumpkin couples, pumpkin babies, pumpkin toddlers, pumpkin sorority sisters, and my favorite, pumpkin spice lattes! PSYCH! I don’t care about your latte. I will admit that they are deloish though.

I have made 2 observations during this pumpkin season:
1. Pumpkin patch pictures are CUTE!
2. Everyone looks better in a pumpkin patch. Which is weird, because apparently orange is a tough color to wear. Whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed. –Elle Woods.

Now I will force you to look at my pumpkin patch pictures. They turned out cute, even though fog frizzes hair.  Pumpkin magic. Enjoy!

Brian likes to do weird stuff like gaze into the distance. I don't quite have the hang of it... considering I look like I'm about to cry, or vomit, or both. Usually I cry when I vomit. Overshare? Whatever. 

There are so many pictures of me looking at him! It isn't what you think though, I am usually just asking him to "please smile normal."

I know that first one looks fake, but I swear to you, it was real laughing! Pumpkins are hilarious! 
Didn't you know!? 

And I leave you with the most important photo of the day. Mini horses. Not only is my roommate obsessed with mini horses, but I assume these guys would have been friends with Li'l Sebastian... RIP.  


  1. Another Pumpkin Patch Post! Every time I come across pumpkin patch pics on instagram or blog reading on my phone I show my husband. I told him that we have to go to so I can blog about it! Looks like fun. I just like the idea of going and picking a pumpkin.

  2. Gotta have a pumpkin patch post, pretty sure it's an October blogger requirement :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! xoxo

  3. Ok firstly, these pictures are adorable! I always get jealous of pumpkin patch photos cause everyone is all bundled up and it actually looks like fall...I wear a tank to the pumpkin patch and still get sweaty here in AZ =( ...but secondly, I love the Elle Woods reference, and thirdly, that mini-horse reminds me of Rob and Big. Did you ever watch that show?! And they bought a mini-horse and kept it in their house?! LOL! Quality TV I tell ya...

  4. ugh i have to tell Brad to 'please smile normal' too! boys.

  5. this is pumpkin patch gold my friends! adorbs

  6. Pretty jealous right now. I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch SO bad but I ran out of time. Oh well. Cute pics. It looks like you two had a good time. :)

    XX Brytani Sierra

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