Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hanging out in the 21st century.

So last night a few of my people decided that it was important to spend some quality time. I completely agreed and we made plans to meet up and hang out. You may be thinking that we went to Happy Hour or met at someone’s house to watch Modern Family. Instead we met up on Google+ for a hangout. Libby and I were on our couch, Cameron was in her living room in Seattle and Marina was in her kitchen (note: Marina lives a block away from Lib and me). We needed some quality time. The original plan was to watch Modern Family together, but after we covered the important topics we realized that it wasn't necessary.

Photo taken by Martha (who was at Mar's during the call)

Basically we are living like Zenon: Girl of the 21st century. If you don’t know what this is, you clearly did not watch Disney Channel original movies ala the late 90s. My faves are Zenon, Brink and Johnny Tsunami. I can’t help but be reminded of Zenon as I face time with my friends or hang out on Google+. Zetus Lapetus! It is so Nebula and Zenon of us!

Okay, enough crazy from me. I love that I get to see my friends when they are far away and that we can make plans to watch shows together. I will be utilizing this much more. When I need outfit approval, or if I start to feel lonely. Ahhh technology. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And Bingo was his name-o.

So last night I went to Bingo at The Woods. The Woods is a super cool bar/ restaurant in West Moreland that used to be a funeral home. You may be thinking that this is creepy, but it really isn't! It makes the venue funky and unique. The “parlor” is filled with velvet couches and chairs at various coffee tables and regular tables. It is a friendly community environment as the host, Brian, tells jokes and eggs on crowd involvement. It was a blast! Brian has a dry sense of humor and was just plain hilarious as he led us through the game.

Prizes consist of grab bags of Dollar Tree goodies, Good Will gems and cash prizes (once we get to the black-out rounds). It was a big crowd last night and both pots for the 2 rounds I was there for were over $100. Seriously, I had a blast and will be a bingo regular from this day forward.

Here are some bits of communication and photos of the night. Yesterday I was both youthful and elderly. I played bingo… like an 80 year old. AND I had a slumber party with Lauren… like a 16 year old. ‘Twas wonderfully well-rounded. Also, I ran into some old friends from high school. Twins named Lauren and Dana. The weird part is that I went with two of my friends who happen to be named Lauren and Dana! CRAZY!

We got really hard core. I will be carrying my dauber around permanently. Just in case there is any impromptu bingo-ing happening. Really it was the host that made the evening… not the bingo. But still!

I recommend attending this weekly event. Doors open at 8!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Brunch in Bridgetown: Helzer's on Alberta

This Sunday I went to Helzer’s for brunch with my dear friend Marina. Good company and good food. It is a bit of a trek to Alberta from little old SW, but well worth it. My friend Marina is a vegan (yes, this means she can’t eat cheese… and meat too blah blah... but cheese!? what!?) and they had a couple options for her. I usually forget about the vegan thing until we get to a restaurant and the only thing she can order is the freaking hummus plate. But hey, I guess even a hippy dippy city like Portland struggles sometimes with the vegan friendly options. Helzer’s had some choices, as long as they were willing to make changes with the order… and they were! She ordered mushroom hash. It was all pretty and sautéed and garlicky delicious.

I on the other hand, did not have a vegan friendly meal. Apparently I was feeling southwestern yesterday. I had the black bean chili scramble.  It was the guts of a breakfast burrito on a plate. Isn’t that usually the part we want anyway? It had the perfect amount of flavor and spice.

Sorry about the crappy pictures. Note: missing bite from toast. I was just really hungry!

Helzer’s is low key and understated. You feel instantly accepted when you are seated. No one is judging you. It feels like a family place. Possible thought process: I just want a good breakfast! Do I really need to put on a decent outfit? Decision: Let’s go to Helzer’s… nobody will judge.

I am not saying that other places judge or that Helzer’s is scrubby. Some places just make you feel like you should have joined in on the trendy or the fancy of the place. Helzer’s is just comfy. I mean… all they're tryna do is feed you! A concept I greatly appreciate from a food service establishment. Why do so many restaurants think we are there for the ambiance? No dude. I ordered food 45 minutes ago for a reason! I am not here to soak in the atmosphere… (do you hear me McMenamins? I have been to many of your 1,000 locations. The ambience is the same everywhere/ where is my GD food!?).

Enough ranting. Honestly, Helzer’s does not disappoint. They represent the NW with their fresh menu and welcoming environment. It isn’t the best breakfast in Portland, but we only waited for a few minutes and we left full and happy. No complaints.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riding boots used strictly for walking.

Today is officially the last day of summer. I would normally be sad… but I just got new boots and I am dying to wear them! I will be okay if it cools off soon so I can break those bad boys in! Seriously, I am very excited about the boots. I know it is absurd… but at least I admit it. I wish I had a picture of me wearing them. But again, it is still too warm.

Here is what they look like online:

Ahhhhhh. They are just so lovely

They are called the 'Zayra' Boot. On the baby name website (hilar) that Google gave me when I searched the name Zayra, I learned that it means radiance. Something I plan on exuding whilst wearing the boots (and in turn picking up a man). Pretty cool beans right? Boots are a challenge for me to find… due to the issue of big calves (thank you Joanne). But these fit perfectly! It is like they were made for me! The fate of it all is adding to the anticipation of boot season.

Maybe I will do back-handsprings in them. Booya!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The best ship is friendship.

This weekend I got to spend time with old friends. As in we have been friends for a long time not that they are old.

I went up to Seattle this past weekend to visit some friends of mine who decided that it was okay to leave PDX and therefore leave me. Unfortunately, they did not ask my permission before doing this... but whatever. I forgive them.

Photo proof that I left town for 2 days:

I made them be tourists with me! 

We had a fabulous time being lazy, wandering the city and celebrating a milestone birthday (Caitlin can officially rent a car). For those individuals who also live north but were not able to enjoy the entire weekend with us… We went to brunch (something new and different). And no, there won’t be a review due to the fact that it was not in Bridgetown and because I was too ravenous to take pictures. My food was mostly gone when I thought about it… 

But here are some others: 

Post brunch photo with the friends who left me. So rude. 

I literally have not been home for a weekend in a month! Seriously looking forward to some PDX time this weekend.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

“I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

(From 10 things I Hate About You) RIP Heath Ledger ‘twas my favorite of your films. I don’t want to hear about that Batman bologna.

Much like Bianca Stratford in 10 Things, I too think about trends. This morning as I put on my leopard print flats I started reflecting on the nature and constancy of the world of trends. You may be thinking, “I could care less about trends and I never participate.” Well, you are wrong. Even if you don’t care, you are probably unknowingly participating. Remember in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character told Anne Hathaway what was up!? She was all, “that bargain-bin blue sweater is that color because it was a trend/ in our magazine blah blah.” Or something of that nature. I’m sure it was more eloquently put in the film.

Even if you say you are going to be individualistic etc… Well, maybe it is really trendy to be unique/ alternative. Too bad for you. Guess what hipster? You are so in! Sometimes it even works backwards. I have a friend with a very specific style. She has always loved vintage clothes and crafty items. I know it bothers her that her style is “so hot right now,” when it used to be quite unique. She is actively participating in this trend… even though the trend really came to her. She was SO ahead of the times.

I personally LOVE trends. It gives you an excuse to spice up the staples in your wardrobe. This year wearing loads of jewelry came back into style. Maybe it never left… but it definitely took a hiatus from my wardrobe for a while. Either way, it made some of my basic pieces more fun to wear. And buying a few fun jewelry items to adorn our favorite outfits didn’t break the bank.

At the PDX Brewfest with Marina. Sporting a mini arm party and some wedges. 

Remember some of the grossest trends of our past? I think of butterfly clips, those sandal slipper things with mesh over the foot and choker necklaces (The choker was highlighted so well by K-Cav in Laguna Beach season 1).

I am hoping this wasn't really a trend... but instead a big mistake that only I participated in.

Yes, we typically regret participation in the more outrageous trends, but it is so fun at the time! What is the point of looking at old pictures if you don’t get to laugh at your horrific fashion choices?

It isn’t just fashion that trends. One of the things that baffles me is the idea of food trends. Food trends don’t change as often, but it is the same idea. For example: the Atkins phase (restaurants were even altering their menus for the popularity of this diet), boutique cupcakes and now, frozen yogurt. Each phase comes in and stays for a number of years. We are still in both the cupcake and fro-yo phase. I am loving them, so hopefully they never leave. One more item that got on the map recently is quinoa. Apparently couscous was the quinoa of the 90s. How often did your mom try and feed you couscous? What a weird rice alternative. And how in the world are you supposed to “clean your plate” when you were served couscous!? Impossible.

How will you stay on trend for fall? Go grab some quinoa and a tailored fall blazer!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The sip du jour.

No, fools. I meant to change soup to sip! Anyway, “That sounds good, I’ll have that.” Get it? Dumb and Dumber?

Sip instead of soup because this post is mostly about soda and coffee.

So I have been a long time drinker of Diet Coke. I affectionately call it DC.  I love the stuff! It is dang delicious. Libby even recently mentioned how good we have been by not having it in our house! Little does she know that we have DC at work! Bahaha. I’m a cheater. Do I wish I didn’t drink it? Yes. Does it leave me feeling bloated and guilty? Yes.

Well, enough of that bologna. The reason for this post is to show you the new branding that I saw yesterday. Check out the new Diet Coke can:

What do you guys think? I get where they are coming from. Making it all hipster and what not. I mean, I am pretty indifferent about what the can looks like. As long as they don’t change the recipe. Remember DC with Splenda!? That shiz was narsty. No wonder it was discontinued. Just thought I would share this recent discovery. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Is the new can exclusively for Costco? Haha! Obvs not, but I figured this new branding would come with a stellar marketing campaign…. Hmmm.

On a note related to yesterdays post. I thought I would let you guys know that I embraced Fall today.  Apparently I have come far in the past 24hrs. It officially smelled like Fall this morning. It made me really miss walking to class on the Linfield campus. Ahh I can picture it now. Flats on, tumbler in hand, headed down the path that cuts through the quad toward O’Rileys, gotta hang a left and head toward Renshaw (also lovingly known as “The Shaw”). Making this journey with my mass comm. roommates was one of the highlights from Fall senior year. Apparently it is the really insignificant things that stick in your memory.  

Yes, today felt like Fall. To prove how I have embraced it, I will share a few of my September 14th, 2011 choices with you. I wore my leather jacket today. I even ordered a PSL from Starbucks! I should also mention that I was at Starbucks for 25 minutes this morning. They were understaffed and I felt really bad for them! BUT, as a consumer, I have a particular expectation when it comes to Starbucks coffee. When it takes that long for my drink to come up on the bar it is usually accompanied by a free drink ticket… I am not saying that we should expect things like this… BUT I am just saying that Starbucks has marketed themselves/ gained a certain reputation when it comes to the promptness of their baristas. Just sayin’. 

Okay, well super random post. Whatevs. Drink your DC or your latte and get over it.