Monday, September 09, 2013

On a scale between normal and "Kim Kardashian cry face."

I read Thought Catalog, and you probably do too... But I still had to share this! You guys, this is a real (accurate to life) scale.

It is a little bit difficult to imagine being in "hurts worst" pain while looking at pictures of the James Van Der Beek and Kim Kardashian cry faces. Please read the text under 5-6 before softly sobbing into your overpriced americano. Oh you had time to make coffee? Good for you.



  1. Hahaha.. very true. The getting no reply thing is like the WORST.

  2. Love this. I also love that Kim Kardashian, who I think is beautiful despite her being harmful to the world and humankind, is so horrendous when she cries. It's a beautiful thing.

  3. This is freaking hilarious. I would die of happiness if my hospital adopted this as our 'faces' pain scale :)

  4. So good and also so depressing that these are the levels of crisis for 20-something Americans :(

  5. Hilarious! Every time I look at her cry face...I just can't get over it. So terrible.

  6. this is glorious. ugly cry faces for the win.

  7. This cracked up me...Kimmy K is the ugliest crier every, and it's hilarious.

    Also, I just found your blog (through the Daily Tay!) and noticed that you also live in Portland! I just moved her earlier this summer and I absolutely love it here--small world! :)

  8. Ok, I'm apparently missing out on this site because this little graphic totally made me snort laugh!
    25th birthday and feeling unaccomplished.... guess I am a 6... but I have wine, so we shall call it even.


  9. that chart is too funny!

    xo, sarah grace

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