Friday, September 20, 2013

“Coffee” or “A coffee”

Alright folks. Brian and I have an ongoing disagreement. It’s not so much a disagreement as it is a debate laced with him thinking I’m annoying. Can’t win em all!

When I am going to go get a specialty espresso beverage, I call it “getting a coffee.” If I am having drip coffee at a restaurant or brewing it at home, I call it “having coffee.” But really, even if I go get drip somewhere and bring it home, I say “a coffee.”

This drives Brian insane. He says, “It is just coffee!!! There is no 'a' in there!” I clearly disagree. If I am ordering a prissy drink like a 2 pump pumpkin spice Americano with room… that isn't coffee, it is a coffee drink. I feel sort of bad that it annoys him, since I don’t even know when I say it. Except that I don’t feel bad at all due to the fact that I’m right.

Look! It's Brian with "A coffee."

Can I get some input here? Am I a crazy person for saying “a coffee” when I am referring to Starbucks type coffee bevs?

Even though I annoy Brian, he somehow manages to love me. It must be all that voodoo I did to make him date me. Sometimes he even likes the songs I share with him. So let’s take a cue from Whitney and #backthatazzup. Today calls for some some Betty Who:

You can download some free Betty Who here! I am currently obsessed.


  1. I totally understand the distinction. I think "a coffee" is an abbreviation/short for "a coffee drink" which is technically different than "an espresso drink" but actually they're both from the coffee plant... when you make coffee at home you usually make more than one cup, right? So it's "coffee," like "pie"--when you get a coffee at a coffee place, it's one cup of coffee--like "a piece of pie." Your way makes sense to me!

  2. Not sure on the grammer, my husband is the English major...maybe I can ask him? I love that song though. Check out this amazing marriage proposal at Home Depot set to that song:

    1. That's how I found her!! Her other stuff is equally as awesome.

  3. Definitely "A" coffee if you venture out to get it and pay more than $1.50. It implies a significant experience.

  4. A coffee for the win. You oh get stumptown or you go get A coffee from stumptown. Duh

  5. I say "A coffee!" I love your blog! I'm a new GFC follower!


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