Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bikes, floaties and fomo.

Summer is coming to a close and once again, I missed out on some major things. Not things that can be made up for either. Once a year stuff! It is like I have Portlander fomo. Let’s review some facts. Summer in Portland is awesome! Temperatures are steady and comfortable, it isn't humid and the city takes full advantage! We have festivals, brewfests, outdoor concerts, you name it. Don’t get me wrong, I did plenty of fun summer stuff. BUT there are some things that happen in Portland that I have always wanted to do, yet have never made happen.

1. Bridge pedal. Bridge pedal happens every year and somehow I miss it every. single. year. It happens in August and looks just lovely! You get to bike over the bridges, they close the roads (and freeway) for you and you experience the best views of the city. Yet, I have never been able to make it happen. It should basically be illegal that I have never done it. Oh well… until next year.

2. The Big Float. This is another PDX event that happens once a year. I mean, they have only done it twice… but I have effectively missed both. This is probably one of the coolest Portland things that happens. Period. Yes, the festivals are cool and stuff, but getting on your floatie and taking over the Willamette in the middle of your beautiful city on a hot summer day?! Yes please! Again… until next year.

Although I missed these two events and they have made a home on my bucket list, I am thrilled that is almost fall. I have already started using pumpkin and marinara in my foods. Don’t worry, I don’t mix them together.



  1. Those both sound like such fun events! I'm so jealous of your great summer weather; it's just hot, hot, hot here in summer.

  2. I loved Portland when I visited! Sadly we only got about 5 minutes of sunlight but that's ok because I live in Texas and it's always hot over here. But it really is an awesome city :)

  3. Okay so we first moved here because Aaron got a job with the Sheriff's department. One of the first things he learned about was all of the suicides from the bridges so he told me, "There are dead bodies in that river and they rise when the weather gets warm." so now I'm TERRIFIED to do that float shin-dig! In fact... I haven't been swimming in the past 2 years period because now all I think about are dead people!! Sorry if that's gross, haha but it's gross to me and now I'm terrified.

  4. The float is something I've wanted to do too!!! Like you said, though, there's always next year...

  5. i HATE when I find out about festivals too late. waiting an entire year is just painful!! those both sound so fun!


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