Thursday, May 17, 2012

Write a book? Title ideas: Forever Ridiculous. Oregonian Diaries.

I think in my life I want to write a book. Please do not hold me accountable for this. This future book may not be very good, but I think it would be really fun.

Again, my fab co-worker Nicole is a key encourager when it comes to this kind of stuff. I regularly interrupt her work day to say things like, “Hey, I know you are working but this is super important. I think I want to write a book. Also, I love the mascara I am using.” I know guys, I am a ridiculous. BUT when I did bring up the book thing she was totally on board. Bouncing ideas back and forth with me etc... to the point that I decided this was something I could do.

This isn’t a real thing yet, I haven’t started writing it or anything. Who knows if I even will! I just think it would be super tight if I wrote an awesome slash hilarious book that somehow gets published and I get to promote it on The Today Show (What up Matt Lauer!? I am from Oregon just like Ann Curry).

"Up next on Today: Oregon Author dominates New York Times best seller list for the 7th week straight." 

Pipe dreams people. Pipe dreams. I do have this picture of what it would mean to write a book. Sitting at my laptop with notes and research gathered around me, interrupting moments of brilliance to take a sip of coffee.

Okay, those are all of my thoughts on this subject for now. If I do decide to write a book, you all will be the first to know!



  1. Haha you are pretty hysterical! I love that you added your name into the "interview title." I am your newest follower and would love it if you stopped by The Jem Journal and considered following me as well!

  2. I would totally read your book. I would probably die are so witty!

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