Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Congrats! You win a participation award.

Hi friends. It is time for me to talk about the participation award. I totally hate them. But do you want to know who hates them more? My mother. She will rant about how stupid the idea of a participation award is. I have always wondered why she feels this way, but now as an “adult” I think I know where she is coming from.

If we are trained since childhood that if we try hard (or really just show up) we get a trophy or ribbon, what is going to happen to us as adults?

I try hard at my job.
Does that mean I am going to be super rich? No. But they should probably give me extra money for showing up. Someone else got the promotion I was up for? Where is the freaking consolation prize? Not even a boom box or pair of rollerblades? Damn you Legends of the Hidden Temple.

I “put myself out there.”
So my good friend is engaged. I’m not, but I actively make myself available to potential dates. I have had long term relationships before. They just happened to not work out. Do I get a participation diamond ring? I partook in the love thing… where is my jewelry?! Did I miss the party at Round Table Pizza when they passed them out?

I have come to loathe the idea of the participation award as much as my mom. We all participate in life as much as the next person; it just isn’t our time to come out on top… So let’s wait and see what the future holds.

It has taken me 25 years to accept this. Therefore, I think we should start these lessons earlier in life. When I have kids, I am going to hide their soccer trophies.



  1. I read this after you first posted it but couldnt comment at the time. But here's how I feel: this post deserves applause. Not necessarily a trophy award winning post, but certainly a gold sticker or several. I have them at my desk right now. It's tight. I'll give you some next time I see you. #peace #itsbeenfun


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