Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday thoughts: Life, fun, sun, unicorns and moms.

Do you people ever feel like you don’t have time to live your life? Today this is what my thought process was in the car:

- Okay, I don’t have time to stop for an Americano. Annoying. Crap, I forgot to grab my lunch. Too bad I over slept… again! Boo. But really, who needs to wash their hair?
- It is so pretty out!!! Look at the river. I love Portland. All I want to do after work is walk outside.
- After work I need to go to Costco to buy laundry detergent and towels. Then I need to go to Freddie’s and get some food. I should also swing by Sephora… I guess that one can wait… but I want to get there before the weekend hits.
- Too bad I didn’t get home until late last night. I really needed to fold clothes and vacuum. Cheer tryouts > chores. So whatevs. New squad new year! It is crazio how fast these years go.
- Maybe if I get home by 8 tonight I can do a little cleaning.
- I guess I won’t be going on a walk in the beautiful weather after all…
- Oooooh and there is a new Parks and Rec! Nice.

Yes people, that was my morning thought process. Pretty much verbatim of what went through my head. I love this phase in my life. It is awesome! I am only responsible for myself. I have a job and I have commitments etc. But in general, I am only answering to myself. Yet somehow, the hours in the day run out so fast! Do the rest of you ever feel like you are losing your mind?

And while we are thinking about this, in honor of Mother’s Day, let’s please take note of how we consider our lives busy… now think about our mothers out there who managed children, households, jobs, personal lives and somehow found time to nurture their marriages and get to the gym at least twice a week. Are you serious!? Moms, you deserve more than flowers on Mother's Day. You deserve a trophy made out of solid gold, a mini unicorn, a puppy that stays a puppy forever (yet acts like a trained dog) and an endless supply of chocolate truffle cake.

My mom is the freaking best EVER! She is loving, awesome, fun, funny, understanding etc. And I know it wasn’t a cakewalk to raise my sister and me. She deserves all of the aforementioned items. But I think she would prefer lemon bars over chocolate truffle cake.

We think we are hilarious (even when other people don't). Like mother like daughters! 

Give your mom a big hug and kiss this weekend. She had to deal with you… and you were probably a devil child.

I know this post took a weird turn from being about busy schedules to how awesome our moms are… but that is just how my mind is running today.

Time for another cup of coffee! Okay okay. I’ll have decaf.


  1. Seriously, how do the hours in the day slip though my fingers so quickly... I have such good intentions... my hours and minutes so perfectly plotted... and then I get to 1/87th of my to-do list in a day...

    Now instead of stressing about mentally ticking off my to-do list bullet points, I am going to focus on enjoying what I do have, and what I have done... who does really need to wash their hair (that is what dry shampoo is for), and those towels can just sit there wrinkled for all I care!

    Great post... I was nodding my head the whole time!



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