Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Living in the in-between.

I apologize in advance for the non-funny that is this post.

Lately I have had some overwhelming conversations with myself, with friends and with God. If I took a moment to listen to what God has to say back to me maybe they wouldn’t be that way… alas, I am a blabberer… even in prayer.

I have been recently been plagued by the stagnant state of my life. I know I am where I need to be, I am just used to living with the “next thing” in sight. Throughout my life there has always been something next, whether it was an impending graduation, getting a new job, moving out etc. Now I am living. This is life and I am living it! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy! It is just weird. Some of my friends had grad school next and are in that, with graduations and careers to look forward to. Currently some of my friends are changing jobs, moving cities, studying for the GRE, or are in relationships that will turn into a marriage within the next couple of years. It just makes me feel… stagnant.

Stagnant is the only word I can think of to describe how I feel. I know I am doing important things in my life and that I am right where God wants me. It is just a different state than I have ever been in before. There has always been a life-moving-something ahead. I am not looking for answers really, just more so wanted to share my experience right now. Just in case any of you 20-somethings are going through the same life evolution (and evaluation) that I am. You are not alone!

I can’t wait to see what is in store for my future! Maybe that is my problem. I just need some patience! Deep breaths… in the mean time, let’s get some fro-yo.

Now let’s think about the other kind of Sirius:

Sirius Black



  1. I'm pretty much in a constant stage of freaking out. So, there's that. Also, I love you.

  2. Another 20 something who has run out of next things to be doing! I know just what you mean. Now we live in the day to day until God brings the next thing doing what we have to do now well while we wait. BTW, saw your blog through the PNW Blogger site.

  3. dude...enjoy it! I know you said you are having trouble doing that but to me I read this post and I think how lucky you are. You probably have way less stressers than people in the stage of getting somewhere. You have less to worry about and not so many things on your plate---you are in the state that we all long for! And soon enough you will have things to reach for again:) I sound like your mom, sorry!

  4. I love you Laura! You are providing so much friendship, value and support to me and I know God is leading you down an amazing path.

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