Friday, November 11, 2011

You’ve got mail… Not!

I am currently having snail mail issues. Or maybe it is apartment building issues… who knows.

My iPhone case has been broken for a while. Broken to the point of scratching my ear when I talk on the phone. Especially in the car when I am trying to hide the phone behind my hair. (Super sketch… I know. Don’t judge, my blue tooth is perpetually dead). I super-glued the case in three places, which extended its life for a couple months… but it has fallen apart again. There is a large chunk missing from the top right hand corner.

Clearly in need of a new case, I was stoked when Olga posted about these adorbs ones from soceity6!I ordered this one:

Cute new iPhone outfit! 

Cute right?! I think so too. Unfortunately, I have not received it. It was apparently shipped on 11/3 and has already arrived…

These are my current options:

Option one: Wait and see if it shows up at my door because someone else in my building got it in their mailbox. Unfortunately this is a common problem in our building. Apparently, USPS struggles with all of the mailboxes in one place like that. Our neighbor (literally one unit number different) has the same first name as my roommate. We frequently get her mail. Probably annoying for her, because we don’t check our mail that often and sometimes we have her Netflix envelopes… oops. For the past couple of weeks I have been checking the mail like a mad woman! The mail man probably thinks something is wrong.

Option two: Contact USPS and Soceity 6. I already emailed Soceity 6 when I was annoyed that it wasn’t here. Then I later checked my tracking number (probably did that in the wrong order) and it was apparently here! Lies! Now I need to contact USPS. But what would they really do? “Uh, we delivered it”… the end? What if I was a liar? What can they possibly do for me? I guess I will call anyway. But obvs not today… Veterans Day.

I could just take off the broken case in the mean time. I just really don’t want to take that risk and damage my phone while it is exposed to the elements like that. I guess I will just wait for the new one (even if it means re-ordering).

Thanks for talking me through this one guys. Haha! 


  1. Yes, these cases are truly awes. I could shop these for days!

  2. So cute! There are so many amazing iphone cases out there!


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