Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mishmash moments

So here is a mishmash of moments that I neglected to blog about. Maybe this will be a series?... Only time will tell. 

The Mish:
I forgot to follow up about the cell phone case. Well, it arrived and it is ADORABLE! Not the most protective or sturdy of cases. But it is really cute. It does make me wonder though… My last cell phone case was broken in three different places and an entire chunk was missing from the side. Say I didn’t have the case... Does this mean that my phone would have been cracked in three places? With a chunk missing!? Hmmm. That is a thought to ponder. Well, I hope things go okay with this new adorbs case. I will just be extra careful.

The Mash:
I am sort of a brunette! Not really. But I did color my hair a much darker shade than my usual dirty blonde with lightish highlights. It is now a lovely brown color. I quite like it. If we are being honest... I really love it! I just feel kind of lame declaring love for my new hair color. Plus my bangs are a nice length of grown out. Things are really working for me in the land of the hair do.

Note: New phone case and brown hair. Also, this was Treat Yo Self day. Vino was necessary! 

The Moments:
Marina was birthed 25 years ago. To celebrate our favvy c-section baby we dressed up! Here are some of my favorite shots of the evening:

Marina is the elderly woman in the tan dress.

This one is my favorite! 
I hope you all have good short work weeks! 


  1. adorable hair! And yes your friend looks super elderly. :)

  2. Hi Laura! It was fun meeting you at the blogger lunch today :o) I was looking at your blog and realized what a small world it is! I knew Libby and Martha through friends in high school. Cute photos!


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