Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demi divorces Ashton because of bad Twitter manners.

Just kidding! They are divorcing due to being a weird marriage in the first place. I mean, didn't we all know it wouldn't work out when he wore a hat during their wedding ceremony? It would have made sense if it was a 20s themed wedding. Although, by the look of her dress, Demi thought the wedding had a late 90s theme. 

I don't feel moved by any of the clothing choices in this photo...

In reality, I am a little sad. He is funny and it looked like they had a fun marriage. He has struggled a bit in the media lately though… the bad Penn State tweets and all. Looks like he was uninformed on current events because he was dealing with his failing marriage. That is fine with me! Work on your marriage before you watch the news.

Maybe they are staying together and we are all just being Punk’d?...


  1. First time here, first post I read, and at 9 am (when I'm normally not even properly functioning) I'm laughing :)

    Failed marriages are a fad in Hollywood now-a-days.



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