Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Spooktacular Saturday.

So Saturday was the day we celebrated All Hallows Eve. We went to a par-tay that my friend Justin was a part of throwing. My only request was that I could do some dancing. My wish was granted. The party wasn’t the best part of the day though. I had a wonderful Saturday. I hung out with my mom during some gym time (we can’t get enough Zumba!) Then Marina and I wandered downtown for most of the afternoon. It was lovely. Somehow we ended up at Nordstrom… weird.

Below are some photos of the evening’s shenanigans. Guess who was in Portland on Saturday?
Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Leslie Knope, a human bumblebee, a lumberjack, Lt. Dangle (Reno 911) and pandas/ occupandas. (Did you know that 1% of pandas eat 99% of the bamboo on earth!?)

Ke$ha and Nicki

Nicki, Ke$ha and Panda

Leslie Knope was there! Straight from Pawnee! 

Logging is cool.

Vote Knope 2012. She befriends bees.

The law will win. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

On the real Halloween I went to my parent’s house for our chili tradition. Every Halloween (as far as I can remember) we have had chili and cornbread. I know there were a few Halloweens when I was away at school. But still, without fail, I’m sure my parents had chili. Growing up, all of the parents and kids would come over for dinner. Then the Dads would take us out trick-or-treating. Wasn't it the worst when your Mom would make you wear tights with your costume? You know, due to her concern for your health in the cold… what was that!? OR even more horrific… she would make you wear a coat. Yuck! I mean, I understand why but it ruined the costume!

Anywho, Anne (our newest sibling), came over too. She is abandoning us in two weeks to move to Austin… so apparently she is just temporarily in our family. This makes me very sad. I am currently trying to confirm that our craziness didn't drive her to apply for a job in Austin.

Brandon, my brother in law, was in charge of passing out candy to the kiddos. He gave giant handfuls to every kid that came to the door. He claims that is was so there wouldn’t be candy left for us to eat. BUT I think he was subconsciously retrieving memories of his own chubby childhood by channeling the joy he would have felt with a giant handful from one house. I’m on to you Brandon.

Here are the photos from Monday!

My cute parents!!

Pumpkins and Sunflowers... and Brandon photo bombing.

Sister and Brandon

I hope you all had awesomely spooky Halloweens! 


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