Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Uhhhh Eeeer… Okaay…

Apparently I am one of those people with crazy requests when it comes to ordering food. I mean… I’m nothing like Sally...

But I do always seem to have a “with extra” or a “can I get a side of?” with my orders. I just happen to know what I like! Well, that is not the point of this post. I just wanted to give you some background.

My recent absurd request is happening at Starbucks and it involves breakfast sandwiches. So, I really like the veggie breakfast sandwich. It. Is. Delicious. BUT when they put the heated up sandwich in the white to-go bag it gets ruined! Well, that may be an exaggeration… not ruined, but at least compromised. The awesome cheese always sticks to the bag!

As a cheese lover (my fav food is cheese) I am not willing to sacrifice the cheese to that evil paper to-go receptacle.  Therefore, I use my hands to eat said cheese. And in honor of full disclosure…  I then need to lick my fingers, which is gross! I probably have hair product on my hands, I opened the door to Starbucks, probably tried to contribute to the community crossword puzzle etc. Just germy and nasty.

If you haven’t had to leave due to feeling ill, here is the “uhhh… errr” moment. Because of the cheese+bag situation, I now ask that they gently place the sandwich in the bag. Sometimes, if they think I’m funny, I even ask them to carry it on its side. (Ha! I am just now realizing how insane this sounds!) I try to be funny about it and joke about how I love cheese. Maybe tell an “I’m a lick the bowl kind of person” anecdote. But every time, without fail, I get a blank stare.  “uhhh… errr... Okay?.. I guess we can do that for you!” Followed by a smile, as they try to save face with some good customer service. 

Evil to-go bag.

I think this breakfast sandwich issue goes beyond my love of cheese. I think it also has to do with really not wanting greasy hands in the car.  I don’t like to eat in the car. I can thank my dad for that one. It isn’t about the safety issue with driving and eating… it is 100% about the crumbs and grease. Thank you Spencer. Because of my father, not eating in the car is completely logical to me. Grease causes stains! Duh. Shouldn’t we try to keep our cars in the best shape possible in order to preserve the value? This would mean avoiding the food+car combination. As I type this I am beginning to loathe myself…

Anywho, I am constantly confronted by blank stares per my ridiculous requests. Am I the only one who experiences this!? I swear everyone else is crazy and I am the only sane one. 


  1. You are too funny but I see your point!! The other thing about those bags is that they make the sandwiches soggy!!! I alwasy get the spinach feta wrap and its supposed to be kind of crunch but if they put it in the bag, by the time I drive back to work to eat it, it's soggy and not cruncy!!!!

    Oh, the funny things we do for our food :)

    xoxo Denise

    I hope you can make it to the December blogger get together!


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