Monday, July 08, 2013

Independence Day!

Down with the Red Coats!

Have you noticed how the news calls it Independence Day rather than the 4th of July? Do they have to? “Independence Day” is the official holiday title, so I guess they can’t get sloppy and casual and call it the 4th. So pretentious.

I spent the most amazing weekend in Black Butte. [Read an old post about the ranch here!] What was so amazing you ask? Oh, just everything.

I subjected Brian to my family… so let’s just say I was thinking the weekend had the potential to be a little dicey. He could be like, “whoa, what is up with these people?” Or maybe he would embrace us, including the weirdness that is inevitably in every family. I mean, it isn't like you know what is weird about your family. You are in too deep. The weird is normal for you! Don’t worry, it was great!

The weekend was freaking awesome. I spent so much time in the sun. Time walking on the golf course and laying by the pool! I think I am probably no longer 98% water, but instead 96% water and 2% sunscreen.  (So I just researched this and the internet says we aren't 98% water. Umm. I’m pretty sure I learned that fact, turned myth, in science class. Great job public schools!) But seriously, it was a great weekend. The men and my mother golfed, my sister and I walked with them on the golf course and lounged by the pool… and we really did nothing else. Basically we ate, relaxed and sipped bevs for 4 days. What a great way to honor those who fought for our freedom!

Okay, that is all. Linking up with Sami today for weekend shenanigans, 4th of July edition! Pardon, I meant Independence Day. I hope you all had great weekends!


  1. Omg I have the same hat!!!!! So awesome! I totally wore it this weekend!!

  2. please tell me you didn't take that hat off all weekend! black butte is the best too!

  3. Can't every weekend be long, full of goofing around & day drinking?

  4. Loving the shot of the serious slow mo deep look into each other's eyes clinking of bev!

  5. that last pic... holy cuteness! Sounds fabulous


  6. adorbs! love everything and now I'm ready for another 4 day weekend vacation.

  7. Such an awesome weekend! That looked so relaxing and fun and looked like Brian had a good time with your family too.

  8. love the pictures!! looks like a gorgeous place


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