Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boyfriend Blunders

Over dinner and drinks the other day, a few of my friends shared some hilarious “excuse me!?” moments that happened in their relationships. Today I will be sharing three direct quotes from loving boyfriends.

This is what we looked like as we told these stories! You can decide who they were...
“You’re the prettiest girl in the city.” 
I see where this was trying to be a compliment… but JUST the city!? Her response was, “The city of Salem!?” She is not even living in the largest city in the state right now. Doesn't he know that the world was an option? Come on bro!

“That skirt makes you look fatter than you are.” 
I also understand how this was an “almost compliment.” I just urge all humans to refrain from using the word fat when talking about or to a woman. Girls know how to be honest with their friends by saying things like, “It’s not super flattering” or “It isn't my favorite.” Take a cue from us, and just drop the word fat altogether.

A follow up to that “compliment?” was this:

“If you keep eating that, you really will get fat.” 
Okay, this one is just too much! He is saying that she ISN'T fat. So that is a positive. But really, if she wants to indulge, just let her do it! Sometimes ladies just really need to eat entire box of Annie’s mac and cheese! Only me? Damn. At least it’s organic. But again, let’s just leave the word “fat” out of the equation.

So there you have it folks! Some recent flubs from the male species. I hope they have learned their lesson. Maybe read this post to any men in your life, so they can learn from the mistakes of others.


  1. Sometimes men have the best of intentions and then.. word vomit. Gotta love their attempts, right? The second one made me laugh out loud. Uh sorry, I don't wanna hear about how my new skirt makes me look like I'm hiding a fanny pack in there. ;)

  2. Oh boys. Best intentions... worst outcomes. All. the. Damn. Time.

  3. hahaha classic and tragic... and i lived in salem for 4 years while i went to WU ... it's not hard to be the prettiest girl in that city haha

  4. An entire box of mac and cheese...yes yes yes!

  5. ha! guys are so dumb but they mean well :)

  6. haha at least they are honest....i guess?
    or just dumb.

    xo The Egg

  7. I couldn't help but laugh at these, sometimes guys should just not say anything at all ha ha!

  8. To live inside a guys brain, what a trip that would be.

  9. oh men. sometimes (most of the time?) they just don't get it. :)

  10. Boy, oh boy. There should be some sort of class to teach these man some class and a little game wouldn't hurt. jeez guys what happened to flattery?
    I my myself have received some of those lines. Just return the kind words and let them have a taste of their own medicine:)

    New follower!


  11. hahahaha i love "almost compliemnts". boys need to step up their game.


  12. Haha guys just aren't very smart are they?! I agree the word 'fat' should just be dropped from all male vocabularies!! Your newest follower!

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