Friday, July 12, 2013

Did Harry Potter make me single?

I have had a really busy week. Because of this, spending my only veg time writing posts was not on my list of things to do. Food and TV won this week. Sorry! But I’m really not sorry. Then I was all of a sudden motivated. Why? Because I realized I have never really written about my love for Harry Potter on here before. What’s that you say? “Laura, you reference your love for HP often!” Wrong. Yes, I reference it, but there has never been a post dedicated to my love for the wizarding world.

So here we go. I love Harry Potter. It is my favorite book series of all time. Over the years I have re-read a bunch of the books. Book 3 was my go to during high school. But I mostly devour 5 through 7 at the pool each summer. Note: book 7 came out the summer before my senior year in college. So we have only been blessed with the entire series for about 5 years now. Crazy right!?  

I just started the series again. I can honestly say that I have never read the entire series in consecutive order before. I would re-read later books again, but usually just before the next one came out! I remember making my high school boyfriend take me to the midnight release of book 5. Poor guy. He didn't read them, and I was a crazy 16 year old obsessed with children’s books. He dumped me when he left for college a month later. I wonder if it had anything to do with my ignoring him to read that book? Huh. I guess we’ll never know. When I say ignoring him, I really mean it. After he chauffeured me around and stood in line with me to get that book, I had him drop me off at home and I stayed up all night reading. I am pretty sure he didn't hear from me for the next 5 days. I was such a charming teen…

My fave of all time is Half Blood Prince (book 6). I love it more than the others because there is romance!

Here I am in college dressed up as a quidditch player for a sorority date party. Libby was my date (no comments please).

The movies! Duh, I love them too. Awesome job Warner Bros. Did I go to midnight showings? You bet I did. Did I dress up? You bet I did.

We were 22 when this happened. We are wearing our graduation gowns from college. This would be embarrassing, but it isn't! Harry Potter is awesome. I’m not embarrassed in the slightest. Although, I got dumped that summer too…. Maybe there is a theme here. Crap! I love Harry Potter, but has Harry Potter kept me from love?

Have a great weekend folks! I'll be out at the Antone Ranch with the horses and a HP book!


  1. I'm sure Harry Potter is just keeping you on track for your destiny :P

  2. Cute! Funny, I just started re-reading the HP books again but I started at book 5 since I've read the first few 5-8 times already. I used to read them every summer, and even now they make me relaxed and happy! Great summer reading!

  3. Yeah, I think that Harry Potter will lead you to true love. Those other boys just didn't understand. You deserve someone who does.

  4. So excellent. I remember reading and getting really bummed out that *expelliarmus!* didn't do anything in real life.

  5. Hahahaha this blog title cracks me up. Nothing wrong with HP!!

  6. Glad to meet a potterhead! I've watched all movies about exactly 23 times but I don't mind playing it over & over again!
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  7. um I love this. I love HP a little too much (although I suppose 'too much' isn't a real amount ...)

  8. confession: i never read the last two books.

  9. I love Harry Potter! So glad I'm not the only one :D I've read the books a few times so far!

  10. Harry Potter did not make you single.
    Even if it did, being single is fun, and any boyfriend you have should LOVE Mr. Potter, if not probably not worth your time.

  11. I adbsolutely adore Harry Potter. I have a tattoo on my collar bone of the three little stars that appear in the corner of each page (but only in the scholastic versions). I've not ever been single for long so that certainly isn;t a reason for it! :)


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