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Friday, June 08, 2012

A real vacation to the OC and LB.

Happy Friday!

Finally I will post about the stellar vacation I just took with some lady friends. We went down to Newport Beach, CA for some sun and relaxation (It was just like The OC and Laguna Beach... but without the drama, winter formals, affairs, or untimely deaths).

Honestly, the best parts about this vacation were the sleeping-in and the laughter. The friends I traveled with are low-maintenance friendships and it made the trip super care-free.

Here are some photos of our fabulous time!

We spent time here...

While looking at this.

Did an evening in Laguna.

Played on the beach.

Guarded lives. 

Goofed around here. 

Yes, that is a water bottle bloody mary. 

Sheesh. That was a lot of pictures. Anywho, ‘twas a grand ole time! We ate a lot of food, went to a bunch of different beaches, spent time on Balboa with Caitlin's family, ate frozen bananas, drank adult beverages and read at the pool... really the list could go on forever.

I still haven't unpacked... so I'm off to do laundry!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Did you miss me? And an editorial letter to TLC.

Did you miss me? I know you might not know me in real life. And that I wasn't actually gone from my blog… But still. Did you?

I just got back from a fab trip! I will do a real post about it before long. But I first wanted to write about travel. Well, a show about travel.

There is a new TLC show called On The Fly. It highlights how crazy people/ travelers are and how perfect the airlines are. I am pretty sure the point of this show is to make the travelers look like the enemies and the airlines look better… because we all know how annoying and stupid airlines are in real life. It is an attempt to boost their image. Pretty smart PR, but it doesn’t really work.

Airport personnel are supposed to be the hero in this “reality show.” You know, by continuing to smile as people get pissed that their flight was delayed. What they don’t show is people being groped by security, warranted reactions to unexpected charges, someone digging through their bag like a deranged animal at the check-in desk to try and make it lighter (in order to avoid another $50 fee).

The show is really beyond ridiculous. We have all had difficult travel experiences before… therefore this show is not entertaining! All it does is bring back damaging memories of frustrating experiences with airlines. Nice try On The Fly. You aren’t fooling us!

Dear TLC,

The airlines will never be the hero. If they stop charging us for every little thing, maybe they will make it on to the list of things we are indifferent about.  But until then, they stay on our hit-list. Crap, I can’t say hit-list in regard to airlines. Um… I mean... list of people we don't like that much (in a non-terrorist way). Don’t call TSA on me.

You should probably just cancel On The Fly. It is stupid and we will never like it. Also, play more Say Yes to The Dress and less Cake Boss. Thanks.

Sincerely, Laura

Here is a sneak peek of our trip. It is the only picture that was on Facebook. I haven’t quite gotten around to uploading my photos.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Woop woop! Leaving on a jet plane!

Woohoo! TGIF!

Why am I so excited that it is the weekend?

Well, I am off on one of these:

To go have some of these:

Moscow Mule and Bloody Mary. Two of my favorites! 

To use some of this:

No wrinkles here!

While spending my time here:

Have great weekends everyone!

[1] [2] [2] [3] [4]

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"Second place? Hell, yeah!"

This is a quote from Bring It On. I completely understand if you have no idea what I am talking about. Be forewarned, this is another post about cheerleading.

I just got back from USA Nationals in Anaheim, CA. We (the 5 coaches) took our squad of teenagers down to compete in the high school cheerleading nationals. Let me tell you now, it was a very exciting trip! Not only did we get to watch our kids compete at a very high level, but we got to play in Disneyland!

As coaches, we have a fun relationship and dynamic. I could go to all of them about anything and they would listen and judge me way less than a normal friend! Haha. Really, they probably wouldn't judge at all. Plus, these women are packed full of awesome advice. They are all so different too. It is like having every perspective you could possibly need right at your finger tips! We always joke about how as a coaching staff we equal one perfect coach. And you know what? It is true!

Space Mountain t-shirts. Does it get much cooler?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! 

Now for some updates on the competition:
Background: Wilson cheer has been traveling to USA Nationals semi-regularly since 2004 and hasn't placed above 5th.

This year our cheerleaders competed in the hardest division we have ever been in… the small division. This division is comprised of teams who pick their 12 best. Some of these teams may have programs of 20 kids and they choose to pull their absolute best in order to dominate the competition. We prepared our kids for this reality before we went, reminding them that this year’s division would be full of squads with concentrated talent. Our goal was to make finals.

Our girls hit a perfect routine in preliminaries. There were no regrets. They all recognized that if they didn’t make finals with their best, then they were okay with that. Not only did our girls make finals, our squad would be going into finals sitting in second place!!! We were flabbergasted!

Finals day was just as flawless. They girls performed their little hearts out and were going to be happy with whatever place they got, accepting that it was the exact placement they deserved. We were hoping to just to make it into the top three, knowing that many of the teams from prelims had cleaned up their routines for finals.

Feeling great after their performance! 

I love this picture from the announcement of awards. I can feel the nerves. 

As they announced the placements our girls grasped hands in anticipation. 5th place… 4th place… (still no Wilson? We placed in the top 3!! We were stoked.)  3rd place… (Cue the tears. Top 2!?) 2nd place… Wilson High School!!! It was an amazing feeling. What a testament to the hard work our girls had put in all year.

This makes me tear up! 

Our senior captains. We sure will miss them! 

I love that this is going to be a life lesson that all of these kids can take with them. They worked hard, they did their best and they came out on top. It was incredible!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Like on vaca? Road trip! (Sun Valley, ID)

I just got home from an awesome family vacation to Sun Valley. Note: it also included a road trip.

I admit it. We still take family vacations. Yes, we are grown and my sister is married. But, we still love family vacations. It is even more fun now because we actually like each other! We have moved beyond the teenage angst phase and we truly enjoy spending time together.

I think vacations are way less work when you are with your family. With friends, you try and make sure people are happy, enjoying themselves, okay with the restaurant choice etc. With your family it can be go with the flow. You can get pissed and no one cares. You are also fine with looking like total crap the whole time (they see you on Christmas morning and know how ugly you are). With family it can be a real and relaxing vacation.

This of course only applies if you like your family. I get that not everyone does. I just happen to be lucky. Plus, there aren't that many of us. The odds are in our favor because there are fewer opportunities for us to hate each other.

We just got back from a FABULOUS family vaca. Check out the photos below. It was so beautiful!


Can't beat a view like this!

View of the town below from the top of the mountain. 

The whole fam damily. 

Note: we drove to Sun Valley, ID. The drive is 10 hours... One way. Totally worth it. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The future: Sun Valley!!

In less than one month I will be here!!!

I am going to Sun Valley, ID at the end of February and I am so excited! I may watch TV with my skis later. I would sleep with them in my bed, but I fear that I would cut my face on the edges…

ahhh Baldy

My sister emailed this picture this morning and I squealed at my desk. Yes, squealed. I’m sure it was annoying.

Wooohooo! Sun Valley family vaca! Woooohooo!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hello 2012!

Happy 2012! Isn't this year just too crazy already? It is for me. Cheer season is in full swing. My girls are awesome and I am excited to spend my Saturdays for the next month and a half watching them perform the crap out of their routine.

For the holiday weekend I went to Seattle to spend some awesome quality time with the friends of mine who have relocated north since graduating. I am like the Michelle Duggar of friends who move to Seattle. 4 and counting…

Seattle was fantastic per usual. We got glittery for NYE and watched the fireworks from Cameron’s balcony. She seriously has the BEST view of the space needle. It was AMAZING! The rest of the weekend was filled with drinking, eating, going on walks, hanging out, cuddling and then some more eating.

Lindsay and Caitlin were ready to ring in the new year!

Grandma's coat finally got some wear. 

Marina is sassy.

Check out the view from Cameron's Balcony! Amazing.

Crazy eyes? Maybe they were smizing like Tyra.

Cameron and Justin kill it on the dance floor. 

Back to the apt for fireworks!! 

Happy 2012!

No New Years kiss this year. Crossing my fingers for 2013!