Friday, August 16, 2013

Libby in L.A. (and some celeb stalking)

Libby moved to L.A. She is going to USC to expand her mind in grad school and be her genius self!

One time we had a par-tay to say goodbye:

Just getting in some last minute gossip. FYI: This is a picture of a Polaroid! Martha brought a Polaroid camera for some photo fun. 

Then Lib started texting us from her new home. She is taking Hollywood VERY seriously. Celeb sightings will probably take precedence over studying. Actually, I bet she will sit at Kate Summerville (multiple locations) so much (aka missing class) just to see if she can spot Lauren Conrad! Obviously LC will remember her, they already met once before. Although, she probably remembers me better, she DID compliment my outfit after all.

Here is some of the gold we have received thus far:

This is obviously Mario Lopez being his smoking hot AC Slater self. Just taping Extra at The Grove! people like Libby can creep on him.

I'm sorry you just wasted your time reading this waste of a post! TGIF.


  1. man i lived outside of LA for a hot min and would go to the grove and never saw celebs. not fair!

  2. Haha, if I lived out there, it would be hard not to do that!

  3. That is so neat that she has seen a few celebs. I would totally stalk celebrities if I even lived near Hollywood ha ha.

  4. fantastic!! my old roommate went to watch Extra being filmed as well! So jealous!

  5. Mario will always be AC Slater! I want to go to LA but i know i'd be way too awkward to approach celebrities. Id just blog about how I saw them 200 feet away.

  6. I would love to meet LC. I've never really thought about going to any of her book signings...maybe if she does another book like her beauty and style ones.

    She WOULD be perfect in real life! ;)


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