Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let’s talk about weddings.

At one point, Brian came to town and we did the wedding thang again. (I am losing track of time and weddings at this point) Basically we are professional wedding goers. Just part of the deal when you are in your 20s! But a wedding sure makes for a fun (free) date. Dinner, drinks, dancing? Yes please! Plus the romance is built in. Guys have it super easy in the summer. No effort necessary. Just put on a nice shirt and show up, and then they get credit for the date. Not too shabby! I don’t have any specific opinions about this, I just wanted to point it out. Other activities that have recently happened in my life include: blading on the Eastbank and drinking pretty coffee.

At a wedding! What else!?

A perfect photo bomb by Tyler! 

The group! Photo by Jess

I am currently in Sunriver (cheating on Black Butte). And I went to another wedding last weekend. I’ll probably post about both of these things in due time! Later gators!


  1. I love weddings. When your friends hit 30's the weddings really dry up! Then it's only baby showers and kid's birthday parties. Enjoy the fun free dates now!

  2. ahh man i want to go blading! your neon ones are hands down the best.

  3. oh weddings are the best! I love how they bring together so much love! We haven't had too many weddings to go to (about 2-3 a year I think) but I think that may change soon. I expect a lot more next year!

  4. Dang, you look foine in those blades!

  5. You two are such professional wedding goers - & pretty darn cute to boot! We had way too much fun with you guys in Portland. I thought that I had gotten a fabulous picture of you and Bri at that karaoke bar & after looking at it the next day my fresh eyes saw that it was a blurry mess! ha
    Loving that cameo by Ty - what a freak!
    Please vote for me to win a trip to NYFW!

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