Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Let's savor summer and September.

It is not fall. Why is everyone talking about fall? I have not smelled the crisp air, I am not pulling out my layers yet, and I am not about to order a pumpkin spice latte. I was wearing shorts yesterday!

It is still 80 degrees every day!!! Are you people out of your minds? Yes, school is starting and it is almost time for transitional clothing. Key word: ALMOST.

Seriously people. I am still working on my tan. It is always at least a couple weeks into September when the transition happens. You will know because mornings will be crispy, it actually smells like fall and a few trees will begin to turn pre-maturely. Be prepared, but not overzealous. Start planning your fun fall outfits and seasonal coffee order, I know I have. But do not abandon your dresses and iced beverages just yet. If you do, you will be sweltering and uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked! I LOVE fall. It is my favorite season and September is my favorite month. So don’t ruin it for me by rushing into November. Let fall come naturally and on its own time. I want to savor every moment.

… while wearing my new suede booties when it is the appropriate temperature.

One more question. Does all this “back to school” talk make anyone else wish they were getting on the Hogwarts Express!? Nope. Just me? Cool.

If you are serious about leaving summer behind. Here are posts from last year about Back to School and the Fall season.


  1. bahahaha - I agree about the savoring of Summer. I pulled out my Fall sweaters last night, got excited and decided to wear one today, and man do I regret that decision! 90+ with 90% humidity... thanks for reminding me it isn't Fall yet Nashville!

  2. I am bummed Summer is coming to an end! I am excited for Fall as well. I have to admit I did just tell someone it was Fall because football season had started, and I think that means it's just about Fall. But you helped me to change my mind! It's still Summer!

  3. {insert a sing-a-long to "back to hogwarts".. please tell me you know it!}

  4. I feel you, girl! I've heard much to much about it being fall. It was 93 here just a couple days ago! I love fall, but not yet.


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