Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It was cold yesterday.

I gave in. I ordered a PSL and it was glorious! I try to resist as long as possible because for the last 2 years I have really burnt out on them by the end of the season. I plan to be strategic this year. Which feels appropriate considering it is an election year and there will be strategery all over the place!

Pumpkin Spice makes everything nice. 

Did that last comment make it seem like I am plugged into politics!? No? Just SNL? Ha! SNL is different than PSL. Both great, but different.

PS. I know nothing about politics.

I guess I should also mention that it is September 11th. Obviously you already know that, because it says the date in the corner of your computer or on your phone. Also because it is already noon and you don't live under a rock... Or you do, but who am I to judge? Last year I did a post on my experience of 9-11-01. It was a terrifying day for a 14 year old who had never heard the word terrorism before. If only I knew then how it would change our lives forever.


  1. I hate pumpkin spice latte's. No offense at all meant, but everyone keeps talking about them and they are not that good....too sweet for me! I wish I had a fall drink I enjoyed so much but my americano will still suffice, just as it did last season.

  2. I'm loving this weather right now! The air is crisp and it hasn't started raining yet - I love fall.


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