Thursday, September 06, 2012

Green green, the ivy twines…

…’round my sorority.

Okay! I will admit it. I was a sorority girl and I loved it. Lately I have been feeling nostalgic, so here is a post to get it out of my system.

It is recruitment season and one of my favorite things about Greek Life was rush. I know I am kind of alone out here. Most people hate rush. It requires time and practices and planning.

The reason I loved rush so much is because it was time that all of my sisters were spending together! At rush practice we would have our moments to goof-off and socialize. It was fantastic quality time that forced sisterly bonding.

I loved rush so much that I decided to be in-charge my senior year. Well, they actually elected me to be in charge… sooo that’s tight. I'm awesome. Don't worry about it.

Here are a couple of the annual group shots that were taken after welcoming in our new members:

This was so many years ago!! I am too old to be writing about this.

My favorite things about sorority are probably unique. It wasn’t about the events, but instead about getting ready. I liked the quality time and preparation more than actually going. That stood true for recruitment, parties and really anything else! Call me a loser.

My class within the sorority was a lot of fun and one of my favorite traditions was strictly with them. We always went to dinner together after Pref. and no matter what was going on in our personal lives, that dinner was always filled with uncontrollable laughter. We were either really funny or really tired. Probably tired... It was the last day of recruitment after all.

The Pledge Class of '05

It is always fun to re-unite as your friends make big life changes too. The weddings have begun… How long until babies are in the mix!?

My preference (pun!) for preparation and pre-function stands true today. In regard to holidays, birthdays and even weddings! I usually enjoy the day spent planning, primping, cooking and bonding more than the event that follows.

Am I the only one who prefers the pre-party? There can be cocktails! Anyone?


  1. Gah I miss sorority days! I loved being able to have someone 24/7 to do things with. And recruitment season is THE BEST. Miss it. Thanks for making me nostalgic!

  2. Love this. I actually spent way too long trying to figure out where I was in all those photos haha (vain).

  3. Oh this post brought back memories. I was an AXO. I have a lot of Phi friends! I went to Oregon. I made Phi friends because a bunch of them were dating SAE's and so was I, so we were at all the functions with them. To this day several of them are my best friends, and we don't even talk to those old boyfriends anymore. I am so thankful for my sorority and I love it when people understand it's not like the stereotypes!


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