Monday, October 31, 2011

Big news day!

So Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting divorced after only 2 months of marriage. Well, I think I speak for many when I say that this is the most shocking news I have heard in a long time! Almost as shocking as the announcement that Jessica Simpson is expecting!... NOT. Really people. 

We knew that the divorce was inevitable and J-Simps is at least 5 months preggo. Word is that she was waiting for a big magazine payout to announce said bun (in oven), but there weren’t any takers. That was probably a may-hor ego blow for the Simps. I have always loved her though. How awesome was Newlyweds!? I loved and still love watching it. Remember when she wouldn't sleep with Nick Lachey... Well, now she is having a love child! How much do you love the term love child? Apparently is is the 1950s again. 

She announced her pregnancy via her Halloween costume. "I'm a mummy!" Get it? Mommy / mummy. Duh.

Libby put it so eloquently in her tweet today. “Kim Kardashian files for divorce & Jessica Simpson announces she's preg. Today is the day if announcements WE ALREADY KNEW. Thanks, Hollywood.”

Well, we didn’t technically know about the divorce… but we sure weren’t surprised!

Clearly I had to bump my Halloween and brunch posts for this breaking news. Tune in later this week! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Daydream of Rainbows, Butterflies and a Music Box.

Those are all Mariah Carey album names. Why? Because I am SO into my Mariah Carey Pandora station! (Not holiday. Not yet.) Do me a favor and just test out the station. I swear you will love it! I take that back. You will only love it if you like awesome 90s R&B. If you can confidently say that you fit into this category then go for it.  

You may be asking yourself this: “Laura, why don’t you listen to Spotify or Grooveshark or something else cooler than Pandora? Quit living in 2007!”

Well, my answer to this is as follows:
I don’t want to put in the playlist making effort! Also, I don’t want my Facebook friends on Spotify to creep on my music and judge me for busting out the occasional song by ‘Nsync for a little middle school throwback. It is easier to admit these things in the controlled environment of my blog. I also think it is annoying that Spotify (via Facebook) tells people what you are listening to. No Facebook, I don’t care that Sabrina Jorcutt (names have been changed to protect privacy) is listening to Nicki Minaj. I mean good call with the Nicki, but really Facebook?

Moral of the story is this: Listen to Mariah Carey radio and don’t hate on me for listening to Pandora.

Currently Playing: Boys II Men, End of the Road

Happy Halloween to all!! Have fun-filled weekends. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wedding Weekend! I know it is Wednesday… just get over it. I am behind with my blog posting.

I was in central Oregon for a long weekend to celebrate in the union of my lady friend Erika and her hunky fireman Kasey. It was such a wonderful weekend full of love!

We started the weekend out right (as a bridal party) going out to an awesome dinner where people bought us drinks etc. When I arrived, my gurl Chelsii was explaining what a hash-tag is to some of the bridal party. It was hilarious to hear Chelsii explain what a hash-tag is and how we use it incorrectly in our attempts to be funny. Erika was stoked that she had her own wedding day hash-tag.

There were many high points to the weekend. I have a couple that stick out beyond the actual wedding part. The trip ended up being a cultural experience of sorts. The first cultural experience was when my beer was opened with a can of chewing tobacco and the second was doing some country dancing. I have seriously not had that much fun dancing ever! SO FUN! I was flipped over! Multiple times!... And I am not a petite girl. I freak-yeah love country dancing. I had no idea what I was doing, but with a good lead there is really nothing to it! The bad new is this: Where the hay-diddle-diddle am I going to find a cute guy in PDX who truly knows how to dance like that!? The people at the country themed bars in Portland are just city dwellers being posers for the night. Such a shame.

Now back to the LOVE. Erika is one of my first friends to get married. I can still count my married girlfriends on one hand. Well… one and a half hands… Jeez! Today I found out a different friend is preggers... I am having trouble with this growing up stuff. Anywho, the wedding day was perfect. Erika was calm cool and collected. Her hair was flawlessly coiffed and the dress fit just right. I’m not saying there weren’t a couple stressful moments leading up. There may or may not have been an emergency late night trip to the store after the rehearsal dinner…

Photo op in the backyard before the rehearsal dinner

Emergency trip to Walmart. Don't worry, the crisis was handled. 

Erika's wedding day breakfast of champions. Now you know what the BM mix was for!

Beautiful bride getting ready! 

Erika was clearly beyond excited to be married to the love of her life! Kasey is the greatest guy and I couldn’t help but shed a few salty tears as he read his vows to my friend. It is comforting to know that he is going to be the one there for her from now on. 

Erika looked regal on her big day. Just beautiful! Take a gander: 

Pre husband and wife

Ahhh Love. Maybe we will meet again someday. In the meantime I am happy to celebrate the love of others. Congrats Kasey and Erika!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best of the best: Bloody Mary Mix!

Within the past 6 months I started liking the bloody mary. I don’t love spicy things, but I love savory things. Having spicy tomato juice instead of orange juice suits me! OR save yourself some calories and money and make a “virgin mary!”

I have used a couple different recipes in the past. This time I took the best ideas from each. Now we have the best of the best!

2 lemons (all the juice you can get)
2 limes (all the juice you can get)
3 Tbsp olive jar juice (yes, the liquid from the jar of olives!)
3 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
3 Tbsp dijon mustard (I prefer country Dijon because of the seeds)
2 Tbsp horseradish (from the jar, but not the creamy stuff!)
1 Tbsp hot sauce (any pepper kind or something similar to Tabasco)
1 Tbsp Sriracha hot chili sauce
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp+ fresh ground black pepper (personal preference)
1 tsp+ salt (personal preference)
64oz of Low Sodium Tomato/Veggie juice

Mix all of the ingredients together. I go liquid first. It ends up being less messy that way. Once it is all whisked together, see how much there is and pour out that same amount from the Tomato juice jug. Now that there is spare room in the juice jug, pour the mix right into the jug and shake it up!

To serve:
Fill your glass with ice. Add vodka and mix! Garnish with a lemon slice and pickled veggies!

Tips/ reasons for my recipe choices:
The most important addition is the Sriracha sauce. You have the Tabasco for initial spice and the Sriracha gives you that after heat. I happened upon this by chance when I ran out of hot sauce once. It was my replacement sauce and it is now my favorite thing about the mix! I swear it makes all the difference. 

Also, I read a lot of recipes that said to use tomato vegetable juice. It is thicker and more flavorful/ makes a better base for your mix. I always go with low sodium because you are adding so much salt from the other ingredients! Plus, always tryna prevent being bloated. Am I right!? 

Try it out and tell me you like it! If your response is negative just don't tell me. Slater!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You’re so pretty and popular.

So I totally suck and have not been on top of the blog game this week. BUT I am a busy lady. Last weekend San Francisco, this weekend wedding in central Oregon. Yes folks, I will be walking down the aisle… Sadly, I am not the bride. Had you going for a minute though! Right? Not even a little? Whatevs.  I am a bridesmaid this weekend. Very exciting!

For great info and photos on the trip to San Francisco, please refer to the blog of my lovely BFF Anne.

Is this the laziest way to make a blog post ever? Just link to somebody else’s? Ha! Disclaimer: I did not actually run the half-marathon. I cheered them on.

Proof that I am a really great cheerleader. (Ignore how huge I look in this photo)

Sign reads: You're so pretty and popular!!

I know you can't tell from the picture, but the sign is covered in gold glitter. Just had to let you know since it was clearly the best part! I promise to be a better blogger in the near future. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A different bridgetown. Bay Area!!!!

Off I go to San Francisco for the weekend! My big sis is running in a half marathon. Me... no thanks. I'll be on the sideline with my latte cheering her on. Just so you know, my packing was amazingly successful! One outfit per day + 2 bonus outfits incase we change for dinners. I even assigned accessories. May-hor planning was involved. I rarely plan ahead this well. I am excited to see how it goes or if I will wish I had extra options. It was extra time and work, but my bag is lighter than usual. We'll see if this changes my process. Word on the streets is that it is going to be rather warm… I am not prepared.

I'm really excited about the sign I am making for my sister and Anne! Gonna be awesome. They are readers so I don't want to spoil it. But I will be sure to post a pic of it after the trip. 

Fun Fact 1: I was in San Francisco a year and a week ago. Hopefully this becomes an annual trip!

Tourist time with Lauren one year ago!

Fun Fact 2: The mix I am listening to right now is awesome. So far I have enjoyed:
Britney Spears- Born to Make You Happy
Will Smith- Miami
Blackstreet- No Diggity
Ace of Base- Cruel Summer

Some good classics IMO. I know my friend Tyler LOVES Will Smith's Willennium album. Hilarious.

Have a great weekend friends! Party like it's 1999! Maybe I will do some bay area crumping this weekend?...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Raise the roof for baby Mason/ other things.

Remember when I said I wanted to see wedding footage? Well, I was disappointed. I saw the exact same things as the pictures in the weekly mags… bummer. Due to the disappointment that accompanied my viewing, this will be a short post.

The lamest/ most ridiculous part was the awkwardly placed add for Living Social. I assume their honeymoon was comped by Living Social or something. It was a scene where Kris and Bruce are talking and Kris randomly brings up one of the younger girls and her attempt to go on a vaca (including how she found great deals on Living Social). Lame and obvious product placement. That moment combined with the limited coverage of the actual wedding ruined the episode for me.

Best parts:
1. Baby Mason (All the time)
2. The way they honored Robert K. SR.
3. Lamar in Vegas
4. Kourtney being hilarious w/ her one-liners

Real life more important. I am headed out of town this weekend! And for the first time ever, I plan on choosing outfits to pack rather than over pack with a multitude of options “just in case.” We’ll see how it goes! The planning begins tonight.