Friday, October 28, 2011

Daydream of Rainbows, Butterflies and a Music Box.

Those are all Mariah Carey album names. Why? Because I am SO into my Mariah Carey Pandora station! (Not holiday. Not yet.) Do me a favor and just test out the station. I swear you will love it! I take that back. You will only love it if you like awesome 90s R&B. If you can confidently say that you fit into this category then go for it.  

You may be asking yourself this: “Laura, why don’t you listen to Spotify or Grooveshark or something else cooler than Pandora? Quit living in 2007!”

Well, my answer to this is as follows:
I don’t want to put in the playlist making effort! Also, I don’t want my Facebook friends on Spotify to creep on my music and judge me for busting out the occasional song by ‘Nsync for a little middle school throwback. It is easier to admit these things in the controlled environment of my blog. I also think it is annoying that Spotify (via Facebook) tells people what you are listening to. No Facebook, I don’t care that Sabrina Jorcutt (names have been changed to protect privacy) is listening to Nicki Minaj. I mean good call with the Nicki, but really Facebook?

Moral of the story is this: Listen to Mariah Carey radio and don’t hate on me for listening to Pandora.

Currently Playing: Boys II Men, End of the Road

Happy Halloween to all!! Have fun-filled weekends. 


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