Monday, October 10, 2011

Brunch in Bridgetown: Tasty n Sons

Bloggers who brunch.  ‘Twas a gluttonous good time!

I was invited to a PDX bloggers brunch by the lovely Sara. It was so fun to meet other Portland bloggers and expand our little blogging communities. Plus, I have never had brunch at Tasty n Sons. I have been there for dinner. So Good. Like crazy good. Brunch was also on that level. I was nervous to go because so many of them are style bloggers. Me... not so much. I decided it would be a good idea to shower before hand. There was no reason to be nervy because they are all fantastic!

The group. Leaning over in a poncho is a bad idea. Attack of the giant torso!

Tasty n Sons is owned by the same guy who owns Toro Bravo. It is a set up in a style where dishes come out gradually. When I have gone before it was with a few close friends and we ordered a number of things to share. I arrived thinking the serving style could be awkward with a new group of people, but it ended up being great. We saw a bunch of different items come out. It was automatic conversation. Plus we all have blogging in common. We bonded over different series that we have, talked about blogs that we all read etc.

Our table of pretty ladies:

As a blogger with very few readers (Mom, do not comment on that. Due to the giving birth to me, you don’t count). It was fun to meet other bloggers. Hopefully they are willing to share their readers. Unfortunately, I don’t have many to share… but whatevs. Real life friends>blog followers. Although, blog followers would help me stay motivated to post during the busy times. You may be asking yourself: what busy times do you speak of?... Well, I guess I mean bingo night, good TV nights, and cheer competition season. Wow. How embarrassing. Welcome to my fascinating life.

Anywho! Back to the brunch. My favorite moment was when the check came and we were looking around… “Who’s good at math?” Response: “We are all writers!...So none of us!” We just split it 14 ways. How ridiculous. But seriously. WAY too hard.

Nicole and I shared a bunch of things. We ordered the chocolate potato doughnuts w/ crème anglaise, potatoes bravas with over easy eggs, and the bambino plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit and heather's honey butter. My fav was the potatoes bravas but the doughnut was a close second. The bambino plate underwhelmed me, but the honey butter was amazing. 
Here are some of the eats:

The potatoes... partially eaten. I aways forget to take a picture! Too ravenous. 

The bambino breakfast. I might be taking back what I said earlier... that biscuit was dang good. 

It was really fun to be included yesterday. I hope this is the first of many blogy events.

Rob just wants his Taco Bell!

I hope you guys watched the Kardashian wedding special. It was a good one! Can’t wait for the second episode (don’t ruin it though; I will need to catch a re-run due to Monday night activities). I care more about the actual wedding than the drama leading up. If they don’t spend a significant amount of time covering the actual event I will be uber-annoyed. Dresses, cake, flowers oh my! Bring it on!

That stupid head thing. Bleh.
Back to last night’s episode:
Kris H is intense. Although, it is kind of refreshing to see a man stand up for himself in that family of crazy people. Yet, he continues to prove that he is in over his head. Lamar is my favorite (duh). I love that the producers found it necessary to keep the line “Just dropped the Cosby kids off at the super bowl.” Not at all vital to the story line, but a much needed comic relief from Lamar after his wife got all drama city on Kris H. Can we also review that Khloe was calling him “Hump” as a nickname! So wrong. AND it was at a serious part where she was all drama about his intentions etc. Weird.

I also could not get over the fact that they kept dubbing over Taco Bell with “Tacos.” That could have been an awesome promotion for good ole T-Bell. Maybe Rob can be their new spokesperson. I know he was struggling to find direction in his life… and ended up on Dancing with the Stars. Anywho, can you believe Rob and Scott ate all of that!? I would be ill for days. All of a sudden I like Scott?... how did this happen!?

Fact 1: I do not know these people.
Fact 2: It is absurd that I am blogging about them, as if it matters.
Fact 3: This does not matter. But it sure is fun to watch!

Coming soon: Brunch review from yesterday.


Friday, October 07, 2011

It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday…

…Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend. (Looks like annoying Rebecca Black had it right.)

Hey britches! Brichard Simmons, Britchie Cunningham.

I am mega excited that it is Friday! I am going to savor this weekend in PDX because I will be out of town for the next 2 weekends in a row… and by savor I mean do laundry, clean my room and make packing check-lists. How embarrassing for me. But whatevs.

I know I am an “adult,” BUT I am stoked on Halloween this year. I won’t stop dressing up until it is completely inappropriate. I trick-or-treated deep into my high school years, so you can bet that I am going to keep dressing up until people stop having Halloween parties to dress up for. I figure that is the equivalent of people not giving you candy because you are too old. The point of me telling you this is because I will be making my Halloween costume this weekend. It is going to be dope. Just wait. And if it isn’t… Well, then I won’t post about it and you wont know the difference. Suckers!

I don't have a photo for this post... So.. Linfield pumpkins from 3 years ago!

I promise to do a rockin’ Halloween post at the appropriate time.

Happy weekend! 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Goals are important.

Get ready for another super lame post. I am just not motivated this week. I promise to do better soon. 

Well, as we all know, goals are very important. I make my cheerleaders set goals at every practice. I think we should all have daily goals, even if it is as lame as being a friendly driver. I try not to get too goal oriented when it comes to the big picture. I don't want to step out in front of God's plan. The second we do that he throws us for a loop anyway. All I can do is try to serve and give and set mini goals that will hopefully do some sort of good.

Now it is time to be shallow. I have a new funny little goal. And by goal... I really mean wish. I would like to find a PDX restaurant or bar that has an insane cheese plate and a Moscow mule on their happy hour menu. Yes, I know this is silly. I also know that this would only be benefiting me... sometimes we are selfish. Get over it. I am aware that these items don’t really go together and that there are restaurants that offer both. BUT am looking specifically for a HH. From now on I will need to look for a comment card at all of the establishments that carry these delectable offerings. 

Peace out!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Uhhh... An apple a day?

I really have nothing to share right now. I am not in the mood to blog because I have a nasty cold. Like the may-hor snot kind. I rarely get sick and was even bragging to my co-workers about how I never get sick! So… I probably shouldn’t have done that. Whatever. At least it is just a cold and not the real kind of sick. My office is currently contaminated with illness (about half of us are sick) and we are taking it seriously. Check it:

I am currently enjoying Tropical flavor mixed with OJ.

Oh, did you want to hang out tonight? Can’t. I am busy watching TV and slamming back Emergen-C.

Don’t feel too bad for me! Tonight’s broadcast has a lot to offer. We have Glee and New Girl! Booya! If you have not yet had the chance to see New Girl, I highly recommend it. ‘Tis Hilar. 

PS. Fact: Emergen-C tastes better when consumed from a mug. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hanging out in the 21st century.

So last night a few of my people decided that it was important to spend some quality time. I completely agreed and we made plans to meet up and hang out. You may be thinking that we went to Happy Hour or met at someone’s house to watch Modern Family. Instead we met up on Google+ for a hangout. Libby and I were on our couch, Cameron was in her living room in Seattle and Marina was in her kitchen (note: Marina lives a block away from Lib and me). We needed some quality time. The original plan was to watch Modern Family together, but after we covered the important topics we realized that it wasn't necessary.

Photo taken by Martha (who was at Mar's during the call)

Basically we are living like Zenon: Girl of the 21st century. If you don’t know what this is, you clearly did not watch Disney Channel original movies ala the late 90s. My faves are Zenon, Brink and Johnny Tsunami. I can’t help but be reminded of Zenon as I face time with my friends or hang out on Google+. Zetus Lapetus! It is so Nebula and Zenon of us!

Okay, enough crazy from me. I love that I get to see my friends when they are far away and that we can make plans to watch shows together. I will be utilizing this much more. When I need outfit approval, or if I start to feel lonely. Ahhh technology. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And Bingo was his name-o.

So last night I went to Bingo at The Woods. The Woods is a super cool bar/ restaurant in West Moreland that used to be a funeral home. You may be thinking that this is creepy, but it really isn't! It makes the venue funky and unique. The “parlor” is filled with velvet couches and chairs at various coffee tables and regular tables. It is a friendly community environment as the host, Brian, tells jokes and eggs on crowd involvement. It was a blast! Brian has a dry sense of humor and was just plain hilarious as he led us through the game.

Prizes consist of grab bags of Dollar Tree goodies, Good Will gems and cash prizes (once we get to the black-out rounds). It was a big crowd last night and both pots for the 2 rounds I was there for were over $100. Seriously, I had a blast and will be a bingo regular from this day forward.

Here are some bits of communication and photos of the night. Yesterday I was both youthful and elderly. I played bingo… like an 80 year old. AND I had a slumber party with Lauren… like a 16 year old. ‘Twas wonderfully well-rounded. Also, I ran into some old friends from high school. Twins named Lauren and Dana. The weird part is that I went with two of my friends who happen to be named Lauren and Dana! CRAZY!

We got really hard core. I will be carrying my dauber around permanently. Just in case there is any impromptu bingo-ing happening. Really it was the host that made the evening… not the bingo. But still!

I recommend attending this weekly event. Doors open at 8!