Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Things I care too much about.

A few weeks ago, I listed some things that I don't care about. So I decided it couldn't hurt to share some unnecessary things that I care way too much about. Here we go!

String cheese:
This is important you guys. Not all brands of string cheese are created equally! I am picky about string cheese. My surprise favorite: Target brand. String cheese is the perfect salty snack!

I didn't care so much about nail polish until Sara influenced my life. But it has turned into a way to relax. You have to pay attention to your nails as you paint them.  It totally gets my mind off anything potentially stressful and gets me into a zen mode. Then over time this happened…

That is in my bathroom. I’m not proud. Okay, maybe a little.


If you try to give me weak coffee, I will throw that scalding hot beverage in your face. I’m not even sorry about the hideous burns, should have tasted it before handing it to me.

I have perpetually dry lips due to that fact that I drink too much coffee and not enough water. I am also a professional at losing chapstick. So if you ever have a spare, maybe slip it into my purse? Thanks in advance!


  1. Ha! Too funny. I love the Market Pantry brand too. I bought it there just because it was cheaper but then it turns out that I really love the flavor. All string cheeses do not taste alike.

  2. I love this list. I care way too much about string cheese,too. It's weird but some of them don't peel well and it bothers me for some reason.

  3. there is a lot of bad string cheese out there. i might just have to stop at target on the way home to judge their's.

  4. I'm going to have to check out that Target cheese too. (I do believe you may have just posted what may someday become known as The Great String Cheese Migration of 2013.)

  5. I think this calls for a string cheese ranking/review!

  6. Chapstick!! You can never care too much about chapstick, nor can you ever have too many. Chapstick is an important part of our being... =)

  7. :D If only I could find the right chapstick!

  8. Coffee and nail polish! I'd have to agree! You've got some really pretty shades. I'd be proud! lol

    XX Brytani Sierra

  9. Oh, string cheese! Do you ever just bite it bc it tastes so good you can't wait to peel it?! MMMMMM!

  10. love your nail polish display - just out of curiosity, where did you purchase the holders that you used?

  11. Girl I COLLECT chapstick. It's like they're disposable in my life... use them once. Lose them. Buy another. Also the worst is when you lose the cap in your car and you're stuck with a capless chapstick. Instead of going cap hunting, why not just buy another? First world problems I tell ya.

  12. I need your nail polish display! However, I get the feeling that my other half might not be too fond of hanging something like that in our bathroom. Whatever. I do what I want. ♥

  13. I love your nail polish display! I am pretty picky about my nail polishes too, and I love painting my nails. I really need to buy more.. ha ha :D

  14. I am jealous of your nail polish shelves. I have all of mine in a HUGE rubbermaid but I love how you can see them all!

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