Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I love cake.

Some people don't like cake. Many of them say stuff like, "I just wouldn't choose cake." Well, to those people I say, you are eating the wrong kind of cake. Cake from a box sucks, store bought cake from the grocery store sucks. Go get yourself a nice piece of fancy bakery cake. You won't regret it!

I frequently indulge by purchasing myself a nice $4 slice of cake. Do you remember that scene form Matilda when Bruce Bogtrotter has to eat that whole chocolate cake in front of the school? That cake looks sooooo good. I remember watching that movie as a child and thinking about how that cake looked like the best cake in the history of the world.

Yesterday I was Bruce Bogtrotter. I bought a large piece of chocolate cake and ate the whole thing in under 5 minutes. I have no shame.

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce! From now on when I am craving cake I am going to refer to it as "Bogtrotter envy."


  1. our office gets beaverton bakery cakes for each birthday! best day ever, every time!

  2. i'm sad you didn't recreate those screencaps :(

  3. I'm with Stephanie. You should have recreated the screencaps :o) I love cake... but not chocolate cake! It's the only kind I don't like!

  4. I love cake too, and I LOVE individual cake slices in the bakery!! Its so temping!

  5. Bahahahhaahaha! I'm not a cake fan, so you can always have my share :)

  6. Have you tried the chocolate cake from Costco? Sounds not delicious but it is 8 pounds (yes the whole cake is 16.99 for 8 pounds of pure chocolate) and it's BOMB.

  7. LOL! I had a good laugh looking at Bruce’s pictures! I remember craving for a good piece of chocolate cake as a child every time I had tantrums. You can cheer up every kid with one.

    Piedad Landis


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