Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday just got obese.

Today is Fat Tuesday!

I know that Fat Tuesday exists because it is the day before you give things up for Lent on Ash Wednesday. BUT instead of buying into the Mardi Gras thing, I am going to take the title of “Fat Tuesday” literally. Today I will be swinging by Little Big Burger to grab some fat on my way home from running errands.

So while thousands participate in the debauchery that will take place tonight in NOLA, I will be participating in Sunday’s episode of Downton (because I fell asleep) and some truffle fries.

Happy Mardi Gras sinners! What the what is a King Cake and why is there a naked baby in it? Answers please!

Oh my goodness. I just went to the Little Big Burger Website and they are putting in a location in SW!! My life just got so good and so much fatter. That means my hood is getting an Elephants AND a Little Big Burger. Yes!



  1. ok you're making me seriously miss portland right now. or more specifically, portland's food.

  2. Truffle fries seem way better than King Cake, I'm with your choice.

  3. Yum! I miss LBB. Jeff and I buy their ketchup so we can pretend in Salem :)

  4. We went to LBB for the first time this weekend. I'll be honest, it didn't live up to the hype for me. It was also a huge bummer that they don't have high chairs! The fry sauce was good though ;)

  5. The only "fat" thing I had today was a bagel with cheese and more cheese. Clearly, I'm undercompensating.

    I'm adding Little Big Burger to my list of must-NOMs.

  6. Little Big Burger = Little Big Heaven. Sigh...

  7. Your title is my favorite. I have never been to LBB! Can you believe that? Do I need to possibly take my Wednesday to the next level? I spent my Fat Tuesday assembling "semlor"... they're these Swedish cardamom buns stuffed with almond paste and whipped cream. Glad we were both on the same page today!

  8. Oooo... I wanna try Little Big Burger now!


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