Thursday, February 02, 2012

Getting ready for Galentines Day.

On Parks and Rec (many seasons ago) Leslie Knope celebrated Galantines Day with her lady friends. “It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst… plus frittatas.”

So fun! I love my friends and I can’t think of anyone better to celebrate pink, red, glitter, flowers and chocolate with! I understand that this is supposed to be about love… as in a significant other. Well, I love pink champy! So there. And if that is really the case why is Hallmark set up with the décor of a deranged sorority girl’s dorm room? It is like Elle Woods came in and attacked the store with a confetti gun and tacky stuffed animals. Nothing against sorority girls (because I am one). That is why I want to benefit from all of this culturally accepted crazy and throw an awesome Galentines Day party for my lady friends.

I love pink champy!!!

Many of my friends will have real dates on Valentine's Day. So this party will probably happen on Wednesday the 15th. Perfect! that means all of the decorations and candy will be on sale! I will be the overly caffeinated psycho at Party City and Target clearing out the leftover items. If only I could channel Jenni and decorate creatively. But alas, I will have wonderfully tacky store bought décor and it will be awesome!

On a completely different note, I decided to buy myself some Valentine's Day gifts. Why? Because I am great, and loved… and decided that just because I am not dating anyone doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a treat!

I bought myself a cute Lululemon workout top.

And a travel case for my iPad.

Both slightly practical with a hint of frivolity… aka the perfect gift!

[Champy photo source]


  1. I LOVE getting new LuLu workout clothes. The ultimate way to treat yourself in my opinion!


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