Monday, February 20, 2012

Galentines Day Par-Tay.

Like I previously mentioned, I was planning on hosting a Galentines Day Party. Well, I followed through! Some of my wonderful lady friends came over for a night of food, drinks, chocolate and gossip. Does it get any better than that?! I say not.

The most awkward part about this event was the purchasing that happened before hand. I neglected to get a cart at the store figuring that I wouldn’t be buying that much stuff… well, I was wrong. I looked like a crazy person. My basket filled quickly and I was hobbling around (very heavy considering it was filled with wine and champy), struggling to hold on to a festive balloon, all while carrying around a potted Valentine themed plant. It was a sight to see. I then tried to get in line… not a lot of luck. There was a lady with 15 foreign exchange students in front of me! They were all glancing at me (the crazy American chick trying to juggle a basket full of booze and a potted plant) while speaking to each other in Japanese. I am sure they were talking trash. I am still offended.

Anyway, the distress was completely worth it! Not only was EVERYTHING on sale, but we had a blast celebrating a late Valentine's Day together.

Allison made yummy smoked salmon cucumber boats! 

Mama Jo's famous chicken chili

Best and prettiest onion chopper ever! 

I hope you all had fab celebrations for love day! 

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