Monday, January 30, 2012

Massage misgivings.

I have a dilemma.

I am in the market for a good massage. I have a recommendation from a friend for a spa type scenario, but I am also in need of some real muscle relief. In my experience it is usually one or the other.

This is my battle. I want a real, trigger point, muscle releasing, sports type massage. BUT I want to get said massage from a frou frou spa. The Enya playing, fountain having, essential oil toting type of spa. I want a truly effective massage, but I also want the fluffy robe!

I have not found a place that does this. I have gone to a spa and gotten a “deep tissue” massage before… it didn't hurt, therefore it didn’t work. Basically I spent my money on the ambiance. I have also gone to awesome massage therapists who know what they are doing. They do amazing work, I feel like a new person etc. But they don’t stop talking, it is too clinical and I don’t get that melty relaxing experience.

I am currently in the market to rejuvenate my life with some relaxation. Honestly, who has the kind of time to have spa days anyway? Do I allot and entire Saturday afternoon? Or do I need to take a mental health day?

I am going to quit my complaining and make an appointment. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I have a massage person that I swear by...but the thing is she is also an accupuncurist. Her massage room/office has kind of an eastern medicine feel to it with calming music but also some tapestries, ect. But her massages are TO DIE FOR. I get sore hamstrings from running and she releases them so well and I feel like a new person! She will focus on whatever part of your body you talk to her about! speaking of...I think I am going to make an appointment now!

  2. Revive BodyWork in Nopo is amazing - Natalie is wonderful, and I've never felt so relaxed after a massage. I thought she had drugged me!!! Good luck!



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