Monday, January 09, 2012

January: The month of the fake dieter.

Last week every annoying girl in America vowed that “the diet starts tomorrow.” Well, I am one of those annoying girls. No, it wasn't a resolution. This plan has been in the works for a while.

Basically, I am on the dieter bandwagon for the kick-off of the New Year. It has been one week and I am already totally over it, but my reasoning my surprise you. The crazy part is that I am not that bothered by the healthy eating. I enjoy trying new recipes and stuff! I don't care as much about what I am eating, just as long as I'm not hungry. It is simply the idea of dieting that has sent me into a slight downward spiral of self loathing… just for being someone “on a diet.”

I think the reason I feel this way is because I refuse to be the girl who goes out with her friends and says no to everything because she is on a diet. I am going to live my normal life and just try and make better choices. A vodka soda instead of a pint of beer etc. Yes, my example of a better choice was about alcohol… get off my back. Maybe this will also encourage me to try some new dishes at my standard restaurants. I usually go for the greasy fatty option. Hopefully now I will go for the fresh (yet still delicious) choice. I’ll try a seasonal veggie scramble and nix the Benedicts!

Stay tuned to see me cheat every time I go to brunch! Everyone deserves one cheat day right?

PS. So far I have lost zero lbs. Also, I will never be writing about this again. And I definitely won't be giving you updates. Gross.


  1. in the words of guiliana, amazeballs.

  2. I love cheat days. Are benedicts really that bad for you? I suck at dieting, I eat what I want and then make an excuse!


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