Thursday, August 04, 2011

What is up with this blog name?

Why back-handsprings? Well, I like to do back-handsprings. I was a gymnast for many years. Then I retired. Then I was a cheerleader for 3 years. Then I retired. Now I am a cheerleading coach. My main thing to offer as a coach is tumbling. AND a ridiculously upbeat attitude that evokes a lot of eyerolls from the teenage girls.  Also, back-handsprings are fun to do! You are weightless in the air for a moment before a (hopefully) graceful landing.

I live in Portland. The city of bridges! Bridgetown if you will. As a city we are divided by the Willamette River. I am a westsider. I like to pretend that I could be a funky trendy eastsider, but alas, I think I am stuck in my Westside ways. The bridges that count are the 9 that span the Willamette in the immediate city area. I did a report on the bridges in 3rd grade. I know you are jealous. Portland Public Schools failed me in many ways, but I have to say that Mr. Novitsky drilled that Portland history and I am grateful. I don’t know how to do long division, but hey, I know the bridges! Maybe one day I will stop traffic and do a back-handspring on one. A girl can dream!

My favorite bridge to drive over is the Fremont. It has my favorite view of the city. Do it sometime, its killer. My favorite bridge to look at is the Steel Bridge. It is just the bridgiest of all the bridges! You know, bridgy looking. All metal and tough like. I mean obviously the Steel Bridge would kick the Broadway Bridges arse. The Broadway Bridge is pink for heaven’s sake!

So bridgy.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When you need a break at work.

Why did I start blogging? Good question. I don’t really know. Peer pressure? Because I usually have a lot to say, even though most of the time I am talking out of my you know what. During work when I need a break I check my google reader. This is my chance to take 5 minutes, catch up on my fav blogs and be distracted by the glittery nail polish and clothes I can't afford.

I especially seem to have a lot to say about things I know nothing about. Really this is for me. My people are young and we love to explore the city. We are having fun and stressing out about being in phase 4 (4th phase in life. Think about it). Also, my mind is a strange place… I guess I just wanted it documented. An online record chronicling the shenanigans of former Linfield wildcats in their habitat of Portland, OR. 

Fact: I use a lot of exclamation points. It is because I am always exclaiming things! I should probably include a glossary. Over the years some words have been made up that may throw you off. Most are pretty self-explanatory, others were created thanks to auto-correct. Ah auto-correct… but that is a post for another day.