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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Victoria's Secret Model Eats Ice Cream with Tayor Swift.

How's that for a headline!?

I LOVE the VS Fashion Show. It taped last night. Is it just me or is T-Swift working on her leg game? Maybe she is tryna get on Carrie’s level? Get em guuurl!

Some people get annoyed with the VS fashion show and get all “How can we possibly live up to this unnatural body standard!?” Uhhhh no one said you had to. It is just good entertainment with awesome musical acts. Crazy person. Also, it is winter. So it isn't like anyone is suggesting you put on a bikini tomorrow. I am suggesting you put on a big chunky sweater. It will all be okay!

PS. Those girls don’t eat food like normal people. Have you had food? It’s delicious! You know that saying, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”… ??? That statement could not be more untrue! Whoever wrote that has never had truffle fries. or ice cream. or cheese.

This may or may not have been photo-shopped. Tune in on Dec. 10th to know for certain!

I plan on watching the VS fashion show on my couch. With a bowl of ice cream. In my big chunky sweater (for warmth from the ice cream). I could not be more excited! I always enjoy the energy and enthusiasm behind the show. And you know I love me some T-Swift!

Feel free to call me an anti-feminist. The show airs on December 10th, come over to throw things at me if you must!


Thursday, December 06, 2012

Help me! I'm scaly.

My moisturizer has been discontinued!!! Or at least they have stopped carrying it in all of my stores. I have used Johnson’s soft lotion (the pink one) for about 8 years… now it is gone. Last time I found it I stocked up, but it of course didn't last. I currently have a moisturizer that works fine but smells like “amber scent” my least favorite ever. I had no idea when I purchased. It was all sealed up. Damn you Target! BUT I feel like I should use it because I don’t want to waste!

This is me. 

I had some Kiehl’s dry oil that I was obsessed with all summer, but it ran out super-fast and isn't cheap… plus it smells a little bit like pot. Not my jam.

Here is what I am looking for:
A not super expensive dry oil or rich moisturizer that absorbs fast. It would ideally have a pump, but I guess I could DIY that bit. It must have a light fresh scent that isn't overwhelmingly manly, naturey or floral. Basically, I want it to smell good, but be light enough that it doesn't conflict with a perfume if I choose to wear one.

Any suggestions!? I am at a loss. The winter months are here and this will become an issue. Call me, email me, text me, or comment. I am desperate. This is kind of embarrassing considering the real problems in the world. Meh, just deal.