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Monday, October 31, 2011

Big news day!

So Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting divorced after only 2 months of marriage. Well, I think I speak for many when I say that this is the most shocking news I have heard in a long time! Almost as shocking as the announcement that Jessica Simpson is expecting!... NOT. Really people. 

We knew that the divorce was inevitable and J-Simps is at least 5 months preggo. Word is that she was waiting for a big magazine payout to announce said bun (in oven), but there weren’t any takers. That was probably a may-hor ego blow for the Simps. I have always loved her though. How awesome was Newlyweds!? I loved and still love watching it. Remember when she wouldn't sleep with Nick Lachey... Well, now she is having a love child! How much do you love the term love child? Apparently is is the 1950s again. 

She announced her pregnancy via her Halloween costume. "I'm a mummy!" Get it? Mommy / mummy. Duh.

Libby put it so eloquently in her tweet today. “Kim Kardashian files for divorce & Jessica Simpson announces she's preg. Today is the day if announcements WE ALREADY KNEW. Thanks, Hollywood.”

Well, we didn’t technically know about the divorce… but we sure weren’t surprised!

Clearly I had to bump my Halloween and brunch posts for this breaking news. Tune in later this week! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Raise the roof for baby Mason/ other things.

Remember when I said I wanted to see wedding footage? Well, I was disappointed. I saw the exact same things as the pictures in the weekly mags… bummer. Due to the disappointment that accompanied my viewing, this will be a short post.

The lamest/ most ridiculous part was the awkwardly placed add for Living Social. I assume their honeymoon was comped by Living Social or something. It was a scene where Kris and Bruce are talking and Kris randomly brings up one of the younger girls and her attempt to go on a vaca (including how she found great deals on Living Social). Lame and obvious product placement. That moment combined with the limited coverage of the actual wedding ruined the episode for me.

Best parts:
1. Baby Mason (All the time)
2. The way they honored Robert K. SR.
3. Lamar in Vegas
4. Kourtney being hilarious w/ her one-liners

Real life more important. I am headed out of town this weekend! And for the first time ever, I plan on choosing outfits to pack rather than over pack with a multitude of options “just in case.” We’ll see how it goes! The planning begins tonight.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Rob just wants his Taco Bell!

I hope you guys watched the Kardashian wedding special. It was a good one! Can’t wait for the second episode (don’t ruin it though; I will need to catch a re-run due to Monday night activities). I care more about the actual wedding than the drama leading up. If they don’t spend a significant amount of time covering the actual event I will be uber-annoyed. Dresses, cake, flowers oh my! Bring it on!

That stupid head thing. Bleh.
Back to last night’s episode:
Kris H is intense. Although, it is kind of refreshing to see a man stand up for himself in that family of crazy people. Yet, he continues to prove that he is in over his head. Lamar is my favorite (duh). I love that the producers found it necessary to keep the line “Just dropped the Cosby kids off at the super bowl.” Not at all vital to the story line, but a much needed comic relief from Lamar after his wife got all drama city on Kris H. Can we also review that Khloe was calling him “Hump” as a nickname! So wrong. AND it was at a serious part where she was all drama about his intentions etc. Weird.

I also could not get over the fact that they kept dubbing over Taco Bell with “Tacos.” That could have been an awesome promotion for good ole T-Bell. Maybe Rob can be their new spokesperson. I know he was struggling to find direction in his life… and ended up on Dancing with the Stars. Anywho, can you believe Rob and Scott ate all of that!? I would be ill for days. All of a sudden I like Scott?... how did this happen!?

Fact 1: I do not know these people.
Fact 2: It is absurd that I am blogging about them, as if it matters.
Fact 3: This does not matter. But it sure is fun to watch!

Coming soon: Brunch review from yesterday.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fresh Prince cheats with Jazzy Jeff. PSYCH!

This post is not funky fresh! It has been a week since the news of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s alleged separation. I have now had the appropriate time to reflect on the situation. If Will and Jada get divorced I will loose it. I freak-yeah love them! I refuse to believe that Jada cheated with Mark Anthony. He is just not attractive. period. I think I am having a strong reaction to this because Will and Jada are one of my favy couples in Hollywood. Not to mention their kids rock my socks off! (For the record, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are my favorite Hollywood couple. Will and Jada are probs second.)

Say it isn't so!
Back to the kiddos:
Just take a moment to reflect on Jayden Smith’s cameo in that J.Biebs song. Come on people, you know it was the best / you love to sing along to J.Biebs. Please admit that you saw Never Say Never 3D. My people saw it! We didn't see it in 3D but none the less, it was an outing. We were the only ones in the theatre on a week night and we danced and sang along! And I can’t forget my love for little Willow Smith. Gurl totally represented the hair flip in her song, ‘Whip My Hair.’ A slightly annoying song… but I love myself a good hair flip.

Awesome looking fam/ awesome pants! haha
It is true that Will Smith does the same movie over and over again. Those premieres probably get old… but who wouldn’t want to stay married to the Fresh Prince!? I hope these rumors are false… although, I doubt they are.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Feeding wildcat nation the celebrity gossip it's hungry for?"... not really.

I have a strange hobby. I also consider it a gift. I can retain the most useless information EVER. I really enjoy entertainment news, celebrity gossip if you will. Do I know basic math? No. (Again, I choose to blame Portland Public Schools). BUT I know celebrities, their significant others, their babies names etc.

This hobby of mine was significant enough to warrant a gig. I was in a radio class for my mass comm. major. In this class I/ we (my co-host) decided that we should host a celebrity gossip radio show. It was a BLAST! I mean, nobody listened… but who freaking cares!? I had fun and although useless, I got to talk about something I actually knew about.

I think I inherited this strange love of pop culture. My Aunt is also really good at retaining information from popular culture. Maybe it is because we both love tabloids. Maybe it is because we both like to watch TV and stay up on what the “new thing” is. It is always fun to goof around and catch up with her because we talk about things that we “know about” as if it is happening to our closest and dearest friend or neighbor, even though these celebs have no idea that we exist on God’s green earth.

Do I love E! News? YES! Do I love to read D.O.N.? YES! I have been reading her blog since 2006. She is the best because she keeps up with the happenings of my favy celebs, while also briefing us on the important things. ie. What they are wearing and who they were with while wearing it. You should follow her blog. She is fabulous!

These are my favorite weekly mags. They contian hard hitting news. clearly.

I am sure there are more productive ways to spend my time. Volunteering, helping the needy and feeding the children. What do you expect me to do!? I gotta keep up with my gurl Britney? She needs me too. If I am not there watching her every move, who is going to make sure she is making positive life choices? Well, probably someone she knows in real life, but still.

Fact: I still checked up on celebrity news whist in Nicaragua. Feel free to judge me. You absolutely should! Just remember, you too will be judged… I think I read that somewhere. And He has WAY more power than little old me.

Okay, story time:
Once my sister was with a group of her girlfriends when she called me randomly and (for some reason) I picked up. She asked who played Harriet in Harriet the Spy (Rosie O’Donnell Version). My response went something like this: “Michelle Trachtenberg. Duh.”

Sometimes I forget that not everyone retains useless/ pointless information so easily. If only I used my powers for good rather than evil…