Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fears Realized!

Can we chat really quickly about what happened on the Marquam Bridge last night!? Let’s move beyond the fact that you were in heinous traffic for hours okay? Instead let’s talk about some scary stuff! Isn’t it your worst fear any time you pass a semi that the stuff on the truck will fall on your car? Or that you will get wedged between two trucks? Your fears are valid folks! Because that ACTUALLY happened to someone last night here in PDX.

For those of you who don’t live here, or maybe you do live here but don’t watch the news and you also don’t listen to KEX on your way home… Here is the reason traffic sucked:

Yesterday a semi was taking a turn on the freeway and a concrete beam that was loaded on the back of his truck somehow shifted the balance of the truck bed and tipped, crushing the car next to him and pinning down the driver of the car with a concrete beam. The driver was okay, but her hand was injured by the beam.

I have this strange fear of trucks on the freeway. Especially if it is raining, or if they are log trucks, or really if there is any kind of exposed cargo. This just confirms that those “irrational fears” are straight up VALID! It is a miracle that this woman came out of the accident with only a hand/ arm injury.

Check it:



And a vid:

Okay, happy sunny days you fools! Enjoy the 70+ degree weather while it lasts! Only one post by me this week. I’m a busy lady with sunshine to enjoy and a boyfriend to go visit in Seattle. Peace!

PS. Remember my post about fear?... oops.



  1. heard about this, but luckily i did not get stuck in hours of traffic! man i have that same fear though! scary 'ish every time i drive by a semi for sure. i always think a scene from final destination is going to take place.

  2. OH my gosh that is nauseating looking! I can't believe the woman was ok!! I was hit by a semi truck from the back and it slammed me into the car in front of me on the highway.... My car was totaled, everything except MY SEAT and I walked away unharmed. Can you believe that?

  3. Yeah, that bridge is always pretty scary. So glad I was nowhere near it when that happened!!

  4. oh. my. God. I was already scared of semis, now my FEAR is CONFIRMED!! My other irrational fear is touching a dead body in the ocean, and Tyler never fails to try to scare of this when I am near the water!

  5. Oh my gosh I totally get nervous around semi's on the fwy. If I have to pass them I gun it. You blog is totally hilarious. I found it via Monday Mingling =)

    A Girl In Transit


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